Sportella Review: credible information and reliability is hard to find


Credible information is hard to find. So, when we hear of something booming and seem to be some form of a holy grail, we take it with a pinch of salt until we verify and taste ourselves.

Early this year, we came across a website which according to us at the time “claimed” to be doing well in sports betting using AI, machine learning and various algorithms to predict football games and outcomes. We chuckled at the thought of the use of computers to predict games but thought we give it a try just to satisfy our curiosity and below is what we found after signing up.

We picked a bookmaker and deposited N50,000 (as recommended by with them then waited for tips from We began with free tips and had to pick out of the many games they post.

We noticed their picks were few. This means when they play acca (we found out what they meant by acca is “accumulation”), they may only select 2 to 4 games only per stake. Otherwise they stake their games with no acca.

So, for the first week we took their free predictions and used 2% of our money to stake. A few wins a few losses but at the end of the week we had profit. So, we decided to go for the Premium and that is where the gold is. There, we did not have to select games and yes there were losses but at the end of the month we were in the money. Our thought was “how could it be so easy?”, “what could they be possibly doing to achieve this?”

We are still in awe based on the results we have. Below is our account after one month of Premium with a clear profit of about N195,000. We have since withdrawn and threw a small party for ourselves.

We are impressed and we don’t care if their computers talk to the gods and cough out answers with predictions, we just know they do good and they are worth following.

That being said, it is important to understand that betting on football is risky because even the best teams lose. Hence it is important not to use money you cannot afford to lose when betting. Although we like the method the call “Bankroll Management” which they employ to keep you in the game even when you make a streak of losses.

So, as it is said “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well”, if you want to bet, make sure you do it right.