Giving a child the best in life is every parent’s dream but achieving this comes with quality education.

Obviously, a good school is the necessary tool for cementing a strong foundation.

Unfortunately, because of the numerous financial obligations, some parents cannot sustain timely fees payments and struggle to raise school fees every term.

Even though in many countries of the world, some states in Nigeria inclusive, primary and secondary education in a state owned school is free; the quality gotten from the cheap/free education is not same with that of most private owned schools, especially in Nigeria. One reason that makes parents to go for the private schools despite the higher financial demand.

So, how can those parents with limited resources handle school fees in private schools?

How to handle school fees payment when you don’t have it at hand

Negotiate with the school authority: It is advisable that parents take an initiative to discuss with school administrators on fees payments.

If they face challenges in turning up payment when the school commence a new section, other than keeping quiet or disrupting the student’s learning by the school’s authority, discuss with the school on when you will turn up payment and maintain your integrity by turning up payment at the promised time.

Pay on instalment: Other than an outright promise of a future date, most schools will prefer you commit them with an instalment which they can use for a pressing need while they wait for your complete payment.

Reallocate fund: It is true that most times, organised individuals station their finances to their various needs. But, there’s need to still allow room for flexibility.

Instead of keeping money aside for an already stationed need that is neither pressing or life threatening, you can reallocate it in paying your children’s school fees in order to avoid any form of distractions in their studies.

However, in order  to avoid the problem of finding it difficult to pay your children’s school fees in the future, here’s what to do:

Have a workable savings plan, save for it before time not leaving the fee payment to the money that will be generated around the time the fee will be needed.

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