It is now a trend that parents in Nigeria now brag about the exorbitant money they spend in their children’s school fees.

Sometime ago, I came across a woman that said that women in her area in Lagos rate your worth by how expensive the school your children attend is.

She went further to say that atimes, when parents cannot find any more expensive school, they approach the school authorities to increase the school fees;  especially if the school is being attended by their rivalry child or ward. At least, to show the difference in levels.

Pathetic is the fact that most of these women do not suffer for the fees as the burden is largely borne by their husbands.

Men, on the other hand are not smiling; it takes alot of pains to cough out huge sums of money to pay for children’s fees.

Talk about this, some of them will want to fire you back that it is all about standard and the quality of education. With a teary voice, they’ll console themselves before you that they don’t mind spending their life’s savings to give their children a quality education.


No doubts, who doesn’t want to give his child a quality education?

Quality education does not necessarily have to be unnecessarily expensive!

I mean what are they teaching a 4years old in kindergarten that you have to spend a whooping 2.5million which you don’t even abundantly have? (even if you have it).

The fact is that, many people have forgotten God practically made it that the most basic, standard and quality things of life are not all that unnecessarily expensive.

This craving for expensive education have triggered school owners to hype their fees; cos if it is moderate or cheap, even when they are offering a quality education, our quality cum expensive parents won’t patronize them. So they keep increasing the fees to showcase their brand as quality.

One line I will like to draw clear to parents is that, quality is not necessarily ‘unnecessarily expensive!? (pun unintended).



No doubt Nigeria celebrity stylist, Uche Nnaji took to his social media page to blurt out to Nigerian parents.

Read his piece below;

“In the last 2months 4 young Families and Friends I know have relocated with their kids from Nigeria to Canada| UK | and the US.
One common reason they all gave was the constant rise in school fees . One even told me that “ Uche , my children now attend a CATHOLIC school that is going to be 70yrs old this December and guess what THE SCHOOL IS FREE, I don’t have to pay anything since we migrated legally and to think the school is far better than the school my children were attending in Lekki where I was working to just pay school fees.
So the other day , a client told me that he cannot afford to pay #150k for a Tuxudo. Curious I asked WHY , he said that he was paying a little over #7m as school fees for 3 of his kids schooling in Nigeria. And just today another client also tells me he is looking for suits of not more than #80k because he just paid over #3m for his 2 kids both in primary schools.
Honestly this trend is getting me worried for MEN as I wonder , who is putting MEN under this much pressure to now see HIGH school fees as a bragging right?

Where is all these pressure leading us to ? At this rate , Do you even plan to stay alive and see these children finish this schools?.
Nigerians, Instead of us to take a stand , Speak Up and REVIVE the missionary schools that most of you attended and turned out successful people today, We are busy bragging about paying #2M FOR ACCEPTANCE FEE FORM for certain PRIMARY SCHOOL on the island .
Men&Women who ought to speak up have all looked the other way while Schools like KC, QC and Igbobi colleges which they attended is no longer befitting for their children to attend.
Can we just PAUSE for a minute and retrace our footsteps???”

There is a need to truly retrace steps; as this is counter affecting some other parents on the other hand, who are struggling to meet up in paying school fees.