The atmospheric condition of Sundays seem to have a special bond with cooked rice.

Rice on Sundays are almost inevitable…

Be it Jollof, stew, fried, sauced or any pattern of rice, when it comes to Nigeria, rice is one food that knows no boundaries and it’s cooked is various special ways.

It is one food that has a high percentage rate of acceptability in various parts of the country.

One reason it is the unwritten constitutional food for every event.

If you’re cooking for your event, it has to be rice basically before any other food; else your preferred recipe may not be generally accepted.

When it comes to Sundays, it is almost like a tradition that every household cooks and eats rice on Sundays.

Most of us that grew up in Nigeria, grew up to get adapted to this tradition; (I can’t conclusively speak for other countries).

Many of us grew up to witness this funny tradition and have upheld it ever since without questioning. 

I know there are some exceptions to this;  as regards to some families and some parts of the country, but the fact remains that many cook rice on Sundays.

So, one may want to ask, how did we get here?

A quick answer is that, we got here by a gradual process.

This rice tradition started when rice was seen as a special meal and of a higher expense to prepare, so having it on a Sunday was regarded as a treat.

Why Nigerians eat rice on Sundays

In trying to figure out this, I had to carry out a research and also some thought process.

Here are my findings:

Sunday is a special day of the week

Majority of Christians, go to church on Sundays. So, after service, it is seen as needful to grace the day with a ceremonious food; a light one for that matter.

Many homes eat rice for lunch and other meals, maybe pounded yam for dinner.

Sundays carry special aura which makes it stand out

The relaxed atmosphere of Sunday afternoons seems only to be satisfied with a bowl of rice.

Rice is flexible

The flexibility of easily packaging the rice to work or school the next day, which is Monday, is one reason many homes go for rice on Sundays.

The eating of rice on Sundays is an age long tradition that have come to stay. The reasons why it is eaten on Sundays keep unfolding every Sunday.

This brings me to ask,

Are you a Nigerian?

Do you eat rice on Sundays?

Why do you eat rice on Sundays? ?