Nigeria has a long history of the defection of politicians from one party to the other right from the pre-colonial era. One characteristics that had earlier prompted the sayings that ‘In politics, there is no permanent enemy or permanent friend; but only permanent interest.

Defection has spread all over the political sphere of Nigeria. The recent carpet-crossing of our Politicians was not the first, though one of its massive one. This brings to mind, a cross over for political interest. But, what political interest hence most of our Senators and Reps have been previous party members of the parties they are crossing over back to? does it mean that the interest, both that of the politicians and the party lacks integrity; and therefore does not remain same overtime? Is the defection needful for the advancement of the national interest of our dear Nigeria?, or is it just for a personal interest?

Professor Wole Soyinka had earlier made the statement;

“Only in Nigeria will thieves be regrouping to LOOT again and youths whose future will be stolen will be celebrating it”.

How true is this statement or is it a misinterpretation of a supposed move to liberate Nigeria from the chains that have kept them down overtime? Or, is it even an answered prayer to the prayers of Nigerians all over?


Time will tell if our Politicians are actually reshuffling and regrouping in an attempt to LOOT us AGAIN!

Time will tell if this is a way of God answering the cry of Nigerians overtime.

Time will tell if the mass defection is for our National Interest or their Personal Interest like it has always been.

Time will tell…

Meanwhile, while we wait for time to tell, it is time to elect to power the right set of leaders, it is time not to degrade ourselves to the use of political thuggery and manipulations by Politicians, it is time not to sell our votes in an effort to appease our present needs with short-lived bread crumbs from those Politicians who will later deprive us from further bread, the baker and even the bakery!

YES! It is time to show that the power belongs to the generality of the Nigeria citizenry; with our PVC handy.

Go get your PVC if you haven’t.

There is hope for Nigeria; you and I are the HOPE. Nigeria has great hope because of you and me.

Never lose hope.