Cryptocurrencies have severally been referred to as ‘the future currency’; and every wise investor targets the future.

Many people hear of CRYPTOCURRENCY but what it is and how it functions seems foggy to understand. Do not let unfamiliar terminologies, jargons and crypto registers scare you off! If you want to be more productive in your investments, start thinking CRYPTO!

First of all, what is cryptocurrency?


A cryptocurrency is an encrypted decentralized digital currency transferred between peers and confirmed in a public ledger via a process known as mining. It is a digital medium of exchange (money); like normal currencies such as USD, Pound, Rupees etc.

Now, the question should be, how do I trade or invest on cryptocurrency?

How To Trade On Crypto Currency

Identify your cryptocurrency of interest and an exchange platform

Just like the numerous currencies of the world, there are almost an innumerable number of cryptocurrencies in existence; cos new ones keeps coming out almost on a daily basis.

But, one crypto coin that has stood the test of time is bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. It is advisable that as an investor on cryptocurrency, you should start with bitcoin, or at least own some bitcoin.

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Choose an exchange/trading platform

You don’t trade cryptos on the air or in a shop at a road side; you need an exchange/trading platform which enables you to change your fiat currency into crypto or crypto into fiat.

A trading platform on the other hand, enables you to trade on cryptocurrencies and in turn make gains. You have to identify and choose carefully an exchange platform that is secured and offers you the best of services, so you don’t get stuck without help on the long run.

In most cases, you have to trade and then go to exchange it somewhere else, but there are few platforms that affords you the opportunity to trade and exchange, one of such few is Seed Capitals.

Let’s not be quick to forget that there’s a need for you to create a cryptocurrency wallet

Yes, just like your everyday wallet you know, you need to have a cryptocurrency wallet that you make use of in carrying your digital coins.

This wallet helps you in keeping your resources in crypto form safe; so you have to create and keep it safe.

It is almost beginning to sound confusing, right? exchange, trading, wallet and all that.

There is an investment outfit that eases crypto traders/investors the whole stress, this platform is secured and aimed at enabling people all over the world to increase their income through cryptocurrency investment. This platform is known as SeedCapitals.

With SeedCapitals, you can exchange crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto, create a cryptocurrency wallet, trade and have your returns on investment without stress. SeedCapitals trade for you and you in turn make gains of about 1.5% to 2% daily.

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