Cardi B reportedly confronted Nicki Minaj at a NYFW party (video and photos) 
Cardi B reportedly confronted Nicki Minaj at a NYFW party (video and photos) 

It seems the supposed feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B isn’t so supposed, and is not yet over too, despite previous reports. The two have a history of subliminal shots and back-and-forth on wax and in real life. Things were the latter tonight, though.

Reports say, Cardi B apparently attempted to get physical with Nicki Minaj this evening. The two were both attending a Harper’s Bazaar NYFW party.

Nicki was sitting at a table with her crew, when, an eyewitness says, Cardi approached the table “aggressively.” She attempted to lunge at Nicki, saying, “Let me tell you something.” She was thwarted by her friends and security, and so instead, she took off her shoe and threw it at Minaj (she missed).

Nicki remained cool through out (“cool as a cucumber”), while Cardi B was escorted out of the building, with one shoe on her foot.

There is some shaky footage of the alleged attack below. We’ll keep you posted if more details or footage arrives.

In response to the fight, Nicki Minaj’s army of Barbz has begun flooding Cardi’s Instagram with comments questioning her actions and threatening her, among other things.

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We’ve got more evidence of the aftermath. Images of Cardi B leaving the event with a sizeable bump on her forehead have popped up online. Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, shared an Instagram video titled #NYFW right after the fight, and she looks unaffected.