In going back to school, the times we are in right now does not give room for taking the safety of children and even the entire family for granted. Every child should be taught about staying safe at all times when going to and from school; and even in school.

Not just the child, the parents, as well as the school have their individual roles to play to ensure the safety of children.

Back to School: Safety tips for parents

For Parents, there is a need to work closely with the school, try to know more about the school body of staff.

Do not leave children just to the mercy of the school. Ensure you check up by putting a call to the school from time to time.

Have a specified person or people who are authorised by you to take and pick up your children from school. Make your children know that no one else except the specified, picks them up from school.

As a parent, it’s also good that you come up with words, phrase, PIN or actions that will serve as a pass code that your child can use to double check or verify an assigned school runner.

Back to School: Safety tips for schools

For the school, there must be an enhanced security measure, restricting  unnecessary entrance of strangers to the school premises.

The school should ensure they have an alert security and safety system all around the school.

The teachers, not just the security personnel of the school, should be conscious in ensuring the safety of the children.

Back to School: Safety tips for children

Teach your children to recognize signs of places, buildings, street address, house number, nearest bus stop to residence, closest public places etc in cases of emergency.

Teach your children how to raise alarm that will attract people in the case of any suspicious movement; maybe a stalker or kidnapper.

Do not leave your little ones to themselves; especially, walking to and from school and errands all alone.

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