A vector illustration of Rich and Poor Difference Concept

The common attribute between the rich and the poor is that they are both human beings and that is a common ground to function and be as successful as possible.

Despite some known advantages as transferred wealth and likes that seem to place many at high heights than their counterparts, many attributes that distinguish the rich from the poor are highlighted on this article. These differences are aimed at making you imbibe the right attitude towards wealth.

The primary factor that distinguishes the rich from the poor is THE MIND.



Nevertheless, there are several attitudes and attributes as explained below which stems from this mind factor.

Problems versus Solutions
The poor worry about problems rather than thinking out solutions. They blame their circumstances and every other thing they can lay their hands on. The rich on the other hand, to see problems as a chance to take responsibility and take action. They accept that life throws obstacles in the way but it’s up to them to find a solution and not turn it into a reason not to succeed.

Multiple Streams of Income (Passive Income) Versus One Means of Income

In an effort to avoid risk,  the poor relax in their comfort zones  while the rich step out, sending their money on errands for more money even when they are not actively involved or leaving what they basically do for a living. This brings about the flow of money into their hands from different directions.

Money versus Time
The poor function with the aim that if they work more hours, they will earn more money. Their focus is more on lack of money and having to compensate through extra work rather than focusing on the quality of time they have. The rich, focus on the time and it’s management and they thereby use their time creatively to create money.

Skepticism versus Trust
Poor people tend to have a more skeptical view on investment. Rich people are more likely to have a more trusting viewpoint on investing. They are more yielded to take risks, they focus taking calculated risks in order to gain but the poor hold on to the little they have, not knowing that the secret to increasing what you have at hand lies in letting go of it.

Distraction versus Focus
Distractions distracts you from achieving great things in life. It removes your attention from what is important to things of less importance. Focus on the other hand, allows you fix your gaze on what is important. To be rich, you have to distract your distractions by being focused on the path to success.


The Inclusive versus Exclusive Mentality
Those that aim for the top, include themselves in things that bring about goodness and financial increase. To be isolated is to be disconnected from people that can be of help to you in your journey to the top.

Assumptions versus Knowledge
Go for clear knowledge rather than assumptions. It is said that knowledge is power and the power to make wealth lies in knowledge. Assumptions can be as harmful as ignorance if not more and keep you in a lacking state of mind. It is better to ask questions and thereby gain knowledge than assuming the wrong thing.

How To Become Financially Enlightened

Amateur Advice versus Expert Advice
The poor often go for free and cheap advice from unqualified persons, to them advice is advice, no need to waste huge sums on expert consultants. The rich seek out expert advice and aren’t afraid to spend money on getting the best.

Criticizing versus Gratitude
An attitude of gratitude is a healthy mindset that promotes abundance. Counting your blessings and not taking anything for granted brings more of what you appreciate into your life. This is a common mindset of successful people in all areas of their life.

Competition versus Creation
Successful people see themselves as able to accomplish without comparison or competition with others. They look for different ways of doing and achieving a goal rather than follow what others are doing. This means they are less likely to cut themselves off from getting what they need.

The Cheapest versus The Best
The rich invest and make more conscious decisions about what they go for, they go for longevity and quality standard regardless of the cost rather than just going for wear and tear that costs a little but has many disadvantages attached.

It’s all about your attitude and mindset. You don’t have to have billions in your account before you have the mindset of the rich and act accordingly. A mindset and perspective of lack will only bring you more of the same while a change of mindset will bring about wealth creation.