It’s kind of very hard for a pregnant mother to control what she EATS or DO  when pregnant. Because most of the times it’s not what we really want to eat, but what the baby wants to eat?. But it is really necessary for us to take note of what we eat. Some foods makes unborn babies to be overweight which is not good for us mothers..

So in here, I am going to show you what and what not to eat or do during pregnancy.

1. AVOID STONG MEALS:   Strong meals such as cassava Meal(Fufu), this food when taken a lot causes overweight in babies. You shouldn’t take it often. I advise you avoid it completely during pregnancy. Go for semolina, oat meal, pounded yam etc.

2. BEVERAGE INTAKE:   Nurses advice that we should avoid beverages. Beverages such as MILO, OVALTINE, BOUVITA etc. As all these also causes over weight in unborn child. You should go for Lipton or Toptea with any milk of choice.

3.FRUITS AND HOMEMADE JUICE :  We should make sure that we take our fruits everyday, all the times. Fruits such as Apple, banana, watermelon, pineapple, pear, berries etc. Some women when they are pregnant, they are really tired of FRUITS. But it’s really necessary. I advice you go for homemade fruit juice . Make some at home yourself. Homemade juice are the best… Do you really  want your baby to look fresh, healthy, pompous, charming.. ???. Then always eat you fruits ..

4. VEGGIE INTAKE: We should make sure to add veggies in our everyday meal, at least once a day. Veggies helps in blood supplements and more healthy look. And since blood tonic isn’t accepted during pregnancy,  mothers are advised to go for veggies..

5. WATER: Make sure to stay hydrated. Water ensure a non dry skin to your unborn child. So have your water everytime, everywhere…

6. EXERCISE.. Exercise helps to strengthen our muscles . It help prepare our body for child birth. You shouldn’t just sit one place. I don’t say you must run or jump, our daily house routine is a very  big exercise of its own…