Sundra Crockett was the young mother of two children. In her 28 years, she was making plans for a happy family future, but everything changed in one day.
Her husband, who had only verbally scoffed at her, began gradually to dismiss his hands-and once severely beat her, turning his face into a mash.

In the wound infections , and inflammation began.

“When I went to the hospital, the doctors told me that if I did not have the surgery, I would die in three days,” remembers Sundra.

However, there was no money for the operation of the mother of two children, who had just been thrown out by her husband. Medical insurance did not cover such cases.

Sundra had no choice. By some miracle, she survived these three days and did not die from the infection. She just left everything as it is, and the mutilated face, infected by the infection, was overgrown.

“But from that moment on the children no longer knew what I looked like. I had to wear a mask around the clock. The children heard only my voice. ”

So she spent 12 years. Everything changed when Sundra met Deborah Alessi, the organizer of the foundation “Face Forward.” Once upon a time, Deborah, herself having suffered domestic violence, is committed to restoring the appearance and mental health of the affected women.

She provides psychological assistance to the victims, and her husband, plastic surgeon David Alessi, does free surgery.

“It’s not enough just to restore face. We need to restore the human soul, because we can not allow the victim to return to her tormentor without seeing another way for herself. ”

Free operation, the first of a series of restorative, was made and Sundra. The only condition that Deborah gave her is to save other victims of violence if they ever meet her in the future.

“This is the fee that we charge from our customers.” – Deborah explains. “For the operation and assistance, they pledge to help other victims. Talk to them, talk about their experiences. Show that there is a way out, help to get out of the dangerous situation of violent relations. ”

“For the first time in 12 years I can chew normally and, finally, I can close my left eye. Now I look a thousand times better than when I had to hide my face. I’m ready to go out to people without a mask. I’m ready to tell them that you do not need to stay in a relationship where you are humiliated by words, because after you they will be beaten. ”

“This is the least that I can give the world in gratitude,” – said Sundra.