The General Overseer of the Household of God Church, Reverend Chris Okotie has declared his intention to run for president in the 2019 elections.

Okotie, who has made 3 failed attempts for presidency – 2003, 2007 and 2001 – told his congregation that he’s reemerged from his political hibernation.

Rev Chris Okotie also made known that he’s written to both the All Progressives Congress (APC)and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to not field any candidate in the upcoming election and come together to adopt him instead.

“I have re-emerged from my political hibernation to contest the office of President in the forthcoming elections. I am fully persuaded that Nigeria needs a man who is credible, dependable and trustworthy.

A God-fearing man who is embroidered with compassion and love for (this) country. A man who will be readily accepted as a symbol of national unity, who can bring genuine reconciliation and guarantee peace and tranquility in our nation.

A man who is completely insulated from the variegated conflicts that mark the antecedents of our major political actors. A man who can apply the principle of malice towards none and charity for all; who can invoke a pan-Nigerian philosophy to reject the partisan provincialism of finger pointing at this time when Nigeria is threatened by existential adversaries.

A man with the requisite intellectual capacity and moral perpendicularity. I believe that the benevolent grace of God has telescoped these virtues into my person, to prepare for such a time as this.

Nigeria is in dire need of restructuring. Our federalism is simply terminological inexactitude. It is a realistic piece of fakery. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is obsolete, retrogressive and subversive to the Nigerian cause.

It can no longer subsist as a legal protocol to guarantee the peaceful coexistence of autonomous ethnicities. No extant or subsisting government can right these aberrations, for obvious reasons of parochial party considerations and entrenched partisan rivalries within the polity”.

The cleric, who is the President of Fresh Democratic Party, on which platform he ran for the Presidency and lost in 2011, said his mandate this time round was to set up an interim government, which he had named “Government of National Reconciliation and Reconstruction,” that would birth a new Nigeria.