Ekiti State governor Ayodele Fayose has reacted to the statement credited to the United States President, Donald Trump, that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is lifeless.

He thanked God that Trump is not a Nigerian, insinuating that if he was to be a Nigerian that security operatives would have been sent against him.

He also wondered when Buhari will charge ‘undiplomatic Trump’ for the international ‘hate speech,’ adding that if he had been the one who made such a statement that it would have been something else.

Fayose stated this in a post on his twitter handle on Tuesday.

He wrote, “Just wondering when President Buhari will charge ‘undiplomatic Trump’ for this international ‘Hate Speech’ because if it were to be Fayose uunnm!! …… Thank God Trump is not a Nigerian…. National security supremacy would have applied.”

According to a Financial Times report, President Trump had after a recent meeting with Buhari, described him as lifeless and said that he would not want to meet anyone like that again.

American president Donald Trump has reportedly ordered aides to never make him meet Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari or anyone like him again.

Both men met at the White House in April but Trump is reportedly not looking forward to another encounter.

After the meeting Trump, according to Financial Times, told aides “he never wanted to meet someone so lifeless again”.

This will not be the first time Trump is reported to have said something unflattering about black people, Africa and her leaders. The US president reportedly said Africa was full of “shit hole countries”.

Buhari has himself described some sections of Nigeria in unsavoury terms. The president called Nigerian youths “lazy” and had described some members of the country’s diaspora as “criminals”.

Buhari, 75, is running for another term of four years but critics say he is too lethargic and unhealthy to do so. The president’s aides recently capitalised on Buhari’s Sallah trek to argue that the president was hale and hearty.

The Nigerian president spent almost half of 2017 receiving medical attention in London as healthcare back home continue to plunge into deadly abyss.

President Buhari has admitted to lacking pace and said he wished he was younger. He has repeatedly urged Nigerians to be patient.

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