This married couple managed to conceive in only 60 years. However, after the birth  of the baby the father could not stand one moment and left the family.

What happened in this family, Moms around the world were outraged!

Atif, Ljajic 20 years thought barren. She and her husband, Serif Nokia did not lose hope and keep trying to conceive. But in old age a person has become accustomed to the childlessness and was ready to spend the rest of my life alongside my wife.

Atif find it  harder to accept. Even in the 60 years she followed doctors ‘ recommendations for treatment of infertility. Says the woman herself, it was a matter of habit rather than desire to get pregnant. When the doctor said that Atif will become a mother, she was very surprised.

The woman  thanked God for the opportunity to be a mother. She knew that she will face difficulty, but not sorry that it happened to her.

Husband was not happy. He was afraid that his wife will not survive the appearance of the child. Taking care of a little creature takes a lot of strength and health. The child has no place in their lives. Yes, he thought So, but remained a caring husband until the birth. Support and caring.

Girl Alina was born. And dad could not stand the first test. A newborn baby often cried, and Serif left the family, because he could not get used to it.

His action, the man explains that in the 68 years he needs peace, rest and more rest. The wife raved about the baby for so long. Happened what she wanted. He is convinced that Atif happy.

But why the child will not wear his name, the father said. The woman was in a terrible situation: no job, no money, and a husband with a baby.

But now she has someone to live for. Alina is a source of endless strength and positive Atifi. She is confident that all will be well.