NAUGHTY NEIGHBORS (adventure with Nurse Becky)

KA-BOOM! I woke up with and shot of thunder that shook the entire apartment, … KA-BOOM! Damn that was a close one, the sound shook me right out of bed. I looked at the clock, 5:43, The alarm hadn’t even gone off yet, oh well, I thought….I’ll make some coffee and get ready for the day ahead. I could hear the rain hitting the metal roof as I looked for the remote. , this would be a great day to stay in bed and get some much needed rest I thought, stretching and yawning, trying to get my bearings. .. Where is that damn thing….. I should put an alarm on that stupid remote, I thought. There you are you sneaky bitch, time for the pretty weather lady on channel 12. Rachael. She looked good today, a red dress that showed off her perky tits, she was very easy on the eyes, made my dick twitch. Beep, Beep, beep,…ahhh…sweet coffee. As I poured a cup, the weather girl came on so I turned up the volume.., “The light rain from last night has intensified this morning to severe thunderstorms with possible power outages.. KA-BOOM! There’s goes my power. “SON OF A BITCH,” I said. I fumbled through the kitchen drawers searching for the flashlight…no luck. It’s getting light outside, maybe if I open the curtains…”Fuck!!” I screamed as pain shot out from my bare foot..I stubbed my little toe and bam….down I went, face first through the coffee table. And to top it off, I spilled my damn coffee. What a great start to the day , I thought. Looks like a trip to the ER. I finally got the curtains open to see the bloody mess on the floor, looked like a damn murder scene. I couldn’t believe that much blood could come out of a nose. I did the best I could with clean up, threw on some clothes and was walking out the door when I ran into my neighbors from down the hall.

Even in the dark I knew it was them…..the old guy and his rotten crotch old lady. You didn’t even have to see her…you could smell that stinky pussy a mile away. My buddy and I use to joke about it until one day we walked past him while he was alone and you could smell that rotten stench. I think it was coming from his face. He had an old time horseshoe mustache and just the thought of him muff diving on that nasty shit was enough to make our stomachs turn. We were going to tell him, but how the hell could you bring that up in conversation? “Hey, how about them Patriots last night huh? Oh, and by the way, I think you forgot to wash off your old lady’s stinky pussy juice from your mustache before you left the house…..”
Don’t think that conversation would go over too well…I just don’t understand how he couldn’t smell it….*gag*.
I politely said hello as they passed…holding my breath as usual. Glad the lights were off so they didn’t ask any questions. The less time spent near that smell, the better.

I hobbled down two flights of stairs until I ran into another of my neighbors from the first floor. She was a nurse and was just coming home from her shift with a cup of coffee. The front door lit up the hallway enough for us to see……
“Hey Girl!” I said. “What the hell happened to you? You look like you got your ass beat,” she said. I gave her a quick replay of the last hour or so. She giggled the whole time I was talking then said, “Oh you poor baby, do you want me to take care of your boo boo for you?” She was still giggling. “Na, I’ll just run to the ER because I think my toes is broke.” I said looking down at my bent stub sticking out through my shoe. Her giggling turned into laughter. ” Nonsense, I have everything in my apartment to take care of your wittle boo boo. Come on, let me look at it.” I never been in Becky’s apartment, and only talked to her in passing or when she was washing her car. Miss Becky was about 5’5” long blonde hair, a pretty nice set of titties to go alone with that round plump ass of hers. She had some freckles on her nose, made her look so innocent and man it really turned me on. I have teased her about going for a ride on my Harley but she always said no, I was just hoping one day to feel them tits on my back. Wishful thinking I guess. “Let me get everything from the bathroom and I’ll fix you right up.” She grabbed a flashlight from the drawer and headed for the bathroom. I told her that the power was out. She said, “Really? Well thanks for telling me genius” as she shined her flashlight in my face. She laughed again and said, ” Don’t worry sugar, I got me some candles and some bourbon to take your pain away.” Things are looking up I thought. She had a nice apartment, bigger than mine. She had alot of girly foo foo stuff. A man definitely didn’t live here. Now my day is really looking up! “This is cool, ” I said , she had an autographed Philadelphia Eagles game ball displayed on a shelf. “That is nice ain’t it. Thats probably the only thing in this room that’s not mine. That’s my roommates stuff. She’s more of a tom- boy kinda girl,” she said. “Here we go, now you sit there and take a shot of this,” handing me a bottle of Reserve. “Let’s take a look at your nose, hummmm…” she said. “What’s the hummmm about?” I said, “Is it broke?” “Well let’s see,” she put her hands on my face and with a quick twist with both her thumbs I heard a pop “OUCH!!!” I said. “Not no more ,” she said laughing still. “Are you enjoying this?” I snapped. “Why yes I am, you poor baby. Now let’s take a look at that toe.” She reached down and took off my shoe and sock. Kinda turned me on the way she was undressing me like that. Then she reached for the stub… “HE’LL NO!” I said jumping back, knowing that she was out for more blood and I was not volunteering. “Oh come on now, take another shot and let me fix your toe,” she said, laughing hard. “For such a strong looking man you sure are a big ol’ baby!” “I bet your patients hate seeing you coming, I bet they call you the pain nurse” I said. “Well I have been called a few things but never that except for the big ol’ babies that I have to deal with,” she said jokingly along with a quick wink. “Hold on, I may have something for ya,” she said. When she came in from the other room I noticed that she had taken off her uniform and slipped into a halter top with no bra. Damn you could see her nipples. They was hard as hell, poking through her top. She was also carrying a box ,when she opened it there was the sweetest smell of some good weed. “Thats smells skunky,” I said as she handed me a small bong already packed, ready to go. “Take a hit of this hun, and then I’ll take a look at that toe,” she said with a smile. So I took big hit and let a smoke ring go and she just snuck in and sucked that smoke ring right up her nose, then giggled and said “I bet you wished you could do that.” “Oh, you’re a mean one aren’t you,” I said. She replied with a wink, “you have no idea sweetheart”. She bent over to look at my toe and when she did it revealed her titties with those hard nipples that I admired from across the room. Damn, I thought. I could see myself nibbling on those but I kept my composer and let her work on my toe. “It’s just jammed, I can fix this. ” She gave it a squeeze and a pull, and it popped back into place. “Ooooowww,” I said. ” Why you gotta be so rough?” “That was for looking at my tits without permission,” she said. “Oh really, so I need permission to see them when they are just hanging there to be admired?” “Yes you do,” she replied. “I don’t let big babies look without permission!” “Well…can I have permission because they are just lovely and I want to see more,” I said as I was taking another hit on the bong. She gave me a smile and said “Do you now….then let me give you what you need sugar.” She sauntered over to me…sexy as hell!! Then she raised her arms and off came her top. What a lovely pair a titties as I reached out and pinched one of her nipples. She slapped my hand away…“I said look not touch. You need special permission for that.” “Well how do I get special permission” I said smiling because my buzz was hitting me and I kept having to adjust the bulge growing in my jeans. She sat open legs on my lap and I’m not sure if she could feel that my cock was hard but I was hoping she’d help me with that too. “First you gotta suck them before you pinch them. It’s only proper.” I dove in head first. Man she was lovin it. She was grabbing my hair and pushing her titties in my face an I was sucking hard as I could. She pulled my head back an said “now pinch em, and don’t give me no baby pinches neither. I want it hard !” I pinched them real hard. She put her hands on my knees and arched her back giving me a full view of her wet pussy under her little skirt. “Can I pinch that?” I said hoping the answer but not quite sure. She stood up and put her leg on the arm of the chair spreading those sweet wet lips of hers. “You know the rules sugar, got to suck it before you get to pinch it.” I got down on my knees and ran my tongue up her shaved pussy. Damn she tasted good so I went in for a full lick and a suck on the clit. She was rubbing her juices all up in my face and I was lappin it up. “Give me some fingers baby, show me what you got.” I put two fingers in and she said “Come on now, stop clowning around. You need to make me feel it.” I put in three an she slapped my head “If you don’t give me somethin bigger than that then there ain’t no sense in going on!” She put her leg down and moved back. I jumped up and unzipped my jeans “Here ya go bitch, is that big enough for ya?” Her eyes lit up like a kid in a candy shop. She pushed me back in the chair , turned around and sat on my cock giving me a full view of her plump curvy ass. My hard cock slid right in her pussy without hesitation. You could hear her squishy wet juices just slopping all over my cock and man it felt good. I pushed my wet finger in her ass and she started buckin like she was riding a bull. I grabbed her ass and held on for the ride . She started screaming “Harder ! Give it to me !” I grabbed her hips and jammed my cock as far as it could go but she kept sayin “More sugar more!” This time I grabbed her pussy and started rubbing all her juices all over her clit and my other hands pinched her rock hard nipples . She was bouncin up and down on my cock screamin “pinch em harder, harder !” My hand wrapped around her tit and I squeezed it pulling her body back on mine. She was squirming all over the place so I put a finger in that tight hole with my cock and she let out a moan and squirted that love juice clear cross the room. That girl didn’t miss a beat. I didn’t even have a chance to move and she was already spun around face deep in my cock slurping up her juices along with my own. She kept diggin in her nails into my thighs so I grabbed that blonde hair of hers and fucked her face. She was lovin it. My cum shot straight down her throat and she gobbled up every drop.
She lifted her head up and showed me that shit eatin grin but it wasn’t me she was lookin at.

“Well well well..what we got here?” Her roomate was just as pretty as her with a body..good lord look at them titties. ” Is this just a twosome or can anybody join in?” she said.
I looked her up and down wondering how the hell I got so lucky! I said “darling, you are more than welcome, but I need to see me some titties!” I grabbed at her shirt, trying to be a gentleman and help her out of it and she smacked my hand. “Now that ain’t the way hun, you gotta ask permission. It’s only proper.” she said with a wicked smile. I looked at Becky and she still had that shit eatin grin on her pretty little face. Good lord I think I’m gonna really need the ER after these two but what a way to go! Have mercy on me ladies!!!