Banging my landlady episode (13)

On sunday i woke up very early as i could not curtail the excitement within me, i prepared and left for my new adopted church as early as 7.30 i was there, we did some sound check and i was good to go.

The church is a well constructed church with fine interior, its consist of several A/C’s, tiled floor, beautiful alter with a projector, executive chairs, nice instruments and good sense of decoration.

The choir section was arranged in a way that the singers and instruments face the congregation, so as a drummer, you have eyes fixed on you vice versa. The service commenced and i mounted the drum set. Feeling a little bit shaky and shy, i played to every music that came out of the lead singer’s mouth.

While at the drum stand, i could see eyes fixed on me, men, women, boys and girls i couldn’t look at the congregation because i was too shy. Also from the settings, its shows that many of the members of the church belongs to the middle class or upper class, as almost all songs were projected and their dancing pattern was that of a zombie.

Moving slowly to the rhythm of the song (not like a poor man’s church that dances with all vains and sweat running out of his body ) the inside was so cold cos of the presence of the A/C and at that period i do not need a prophet to tell me that, this people receives God’s visitations every sunday. i do not need a prophet to tell me that God has made this place his dwelling not like some local churches that will use foul odour to chase out the presence of God.

After the service, i was placed on a pay roll of 20k just to play for 2days a week (wednesday and sunday) omo money sweet o. While standing outside, i could not help but fixed my eyes on the beautiful damsels that were coming out from the church auditorium. Chei. i said within me, while i got some erections.

Me: omo this church badt ooooo
LG: shebi i tell you. Omo ukwu plenty for here
Me: guy you think say me i go fit cope for here so?
LG: guy play your games right. Me i just Bleep one yesterday and another one dey online self now.
Me: see this badt niqqa. So u mean say u don samma one racket for here, i asked
LG: yes my guy. You know as he dey go nau.
Well na so sha. Somehow, i knew that women have soft spot for instrumentalist, as in my local church i have dated three and still counting.

After some months of playing in my adopted church, i started gaining little popularity and confidence also i became fimilar with the rest of the choir members and i notice some ladies have taken particular interest in me.

Amongst them was a lady called peace, but me no fancy the peace because she was not so beautiful or maybe because there are other beautiful ladies that i didn’t take notice of her beauty. Who knows. One sunday, after worship, the lead singer entered into praise songs, and we started playing rhythms to her songs while playing, i used my eyes to scout round and i could notice that whenever i look towards peace’s directions, her eyes was on me and immediately stopped looking at her direction.

After 10 minutes of singing, i looked at the congregation and suddenly two sexy and lazy eye ball struck me like thunder, i saw those eyes fixed on me as if lucifar had sent her that particular day to tempt me.

Even if its amadioha that sent her, she should take me along because her mission was over successful. While looking at those eyes, sometimes i skip beats that my fellow instrumentalist will call me to other. i could notice some smiles on the lips on my LG, as he would have read my mind to know what was going on. Sharp sharp, i increase my stunts on the drum, i became so vibrant and energetic, i rolled on my tom toms and danced while i play.

Sometimes, i even try to imitate professional drummer by standing up at intervals. Omo see wetin woman dey cause ooooo. Everybody became perplexed at my energy even the Cm, after the service i started planning out strategies on how to get her, omo this mission has to be successful. When we came outside, i noticed peace standing outside. My landlady has given me multiple power about this thing called sex can I stop it?……

To be continued watch out for episode 14