Banging my landlady episode (14)

I remembered the sweet taste of her milk when i was sucking her bosoms and the way she would grind her Waist against me when my tongue hit a particularly sensitive spot.
without warning I started to cum.

Meanwhile Becky was reliving our last encounter in what was fast becoming an Intimate phone call. I was in the housegirl’s Kitty-Cat, but with my eyes closed I might as well have been inside madam becky.

I came hard and fast releasing a long moan uncontrollably…”ooooooowwww www….” as i sent spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into Becky’s housegirl’s Kitty-Cat.

She was also thrashing with the climax as she came again too. In a brief flash of clarity amidst my beffudled lust drenched state i remembered to cut the phone so that madam wouldn’t hear her housegirl fail to contain the lusty scream that ripped from her throat as she experienced a body shaking climax.

I find it difficult to concentrate on a particular lady because of this crazy enjoyment I derived from banging my landlady and her house maid .The most dangerous part is that i don’t protect myself I hope this won’t lead to pregnancy..?. I need to think straight on how to get myself back quickly before it’s too late. What’s the way forward…?

To be continued watch out for episode 15