Banging my landlady
Banging my landlady

Banging my landlady episode (6)

How to enjoy an evening after the stress of the day? For Tobi, it’s with his extremely seductive young landlady, inside her is the right place.

“Mmmm, yes, Tobi, yes!” she said excitedly.
“Slip your tongue inside my pussy, let me feel it inside me!” I did so, pushing my tongue as far as I could inside her wet tunnel, and I felt her contract around it as she slipped her mouth back onto my dick.

She pushed her hips down lower, pressing her pussy against my mouth as I fucked her with my tongue. After sliding it in and out of her tight pussy for a few moments I slipped it out, slid it along her slit, and found the hard nub of her clit.

She squeaked around my dick and jumped as I ran my tongue over it, and she closed her thighs a little as I did this.
I remembered how hard she had clamped her thighs around my hand the night before when she came while I was fingering her, and I hoped that she didn’t do that to my head when she came tonight.

“Oh, okay, that’s the way!” I thought to myself as I licked her clit with my tongue, making her jump again. She heard me moan around my dick as I placed my lips on her clit and gently sucked it into my mouth, and she pressed her hips down slightly as I did so. She was sliding her wet, sucking mouth up and down my hard shaft as I was sucking and pulling on her clit with my lips, her juices flowing freely.

After a few moments of this I felt her slip my dick from her mouth, grabbing it with her hand and pumping it as she gasped for breath. Her breathing was quickening with every moment, her thighs slowly coming together around my head as I continued sucking on her clit. I slid my hands up the outside of her thighs and put them on the cheeks of her ass, squeezing hard. I could feel her breath on my stomach and shaft as she gasped for breath, her orgasm not far off.

“Yes, Tobi, yes!” she gasped, pumping my dick with one hand and squeezing my balls with the other. “Suck my clit into your mouth, make me cum, make me cum all over your face!”

And I did just that, sucking her clit into my mouth, pulling on it hard and flicking my tongue over it, feeling her hips push into my face as I did so. Without warning Becky came and came hard, her big thighs clamping closed around my head and burying my face in her pussy and ass as the waves of her orgasm flashed through her body. Her whole body shook with the intensity of her cumming, and she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her.
Her pussy flooded my mouth, but I held fast to her clit and kept sucking on it as her thighs tightened on my head.
She squeezed my dick hard, hanging on to it like a handle for support as the strength of her orgasm took her.

I found that between her pussy crushed down onto my face and her thighs clamped around my head that I couldn’t breathe, and I had hoped I could hang on and not strangle to death before she finished cumming.

Just when I was starting to starve for air I felt her thighs begin to relax as her orgasm started to fade, and I stuck my nose up between the cheeks of her ass for air. I released her clit from my mouth and spread her thighs apart from my head so I could take a deeper breath, and I felt her body relax on mine. She held her grip on my hard shaft, not pumping me but just holding on as she gasped and panted for breath. I could feel her breath on my hip as she breathed.

“Oh, Tobi, oh my God,” she gasped, still lying on top of me, her thighs now relaxed and her legs stretched out above my head. “What did you do to me, you sweet boy? I have never cum so hard before!” My voice was slightly inaudible as I replied from between her big thighs.

Banging my landlady episode (6)
Banging my landlady episode (6)

“If you had cum any harder you would have squeezed my head off!” I said, slapping her on her thigh lightly for emphasis. She giggled.
“I am so sorry, Tobi!” she said, looking over her shoulder in my direction, her hand still gripping my dick. “I did not mean to hurt you! You are okay, abi?” she asked, real concern in her voice.

She slid off of my body and lay on her side, freeing my head from between her thighs and looking down at me. I was smiling as I replied.
“I’m fine, really!” I said. “A few more minutes and I would have been a dead man, but I’m okay!”

“Good, very good!” she said, smiling at me for a moment and then looking at my dick in her hands. She licked the head slowly with her wet tongue, and then sucked on the head for a moment before looking back at me and saying, “You are ready to cum again, abi? You are ready to fuck Becky and cum inside my pussy again, abi?”

“Yes!” I replied, and she released her grip on my shaft as I sat up and then got up on my knees on the bed. She lay on her back and slid over into the centre of the bed, her huge breasts rolling on her chest as she moved, opening her legs wide as I moved in between them.

Her pussy lips were swollen and sparkling with her juices, and as she held her legs wide and let me look at her, I thought it was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Becky herself was easily one of the most beautiful and certainly the sexiest, hottest woman I had ever met, no doubt about that. She put her feet flat on the bed and spread her knees wide, sliding her hands up the sides of her breasts and then rolling the nipples between her fingers, as I moved in between her legs.

My dick was hard and pulsing, a drop of clear precum at the tip, and Becky’s eyes were filled with lust and passion as she watched me move into position.
“Oh, yes, my sweet Tobi, yes,” she whispered, tugging hard on her nipples, “let me have your beautiful, hard dick inside my wet pussy! Slip your dick inside me, deep inside me, and make me cum around your hard dick!” Then she slid her hands down her body and to her pussy, pulling the outer lips apart and holding it open for me. I grasped my dick in my hand and guided it into position, the head slipping easily inside her soaked wet tunnel.

Her mouth fell open as she moaned as I pushed my dick inside her tight, wet pussy with one stroke, leaning over her on my hands as I slid completely inside her. She slipped her legs around me and closed her thighs around my waist, locking her ankles behind me and driving me deeper into her with her heels on my ass. I pushed harder into her, shoving my dick as deeply into her as I could, and she tightened her legs around me as she pushed on my ass with her heels.

“Aahhhhh, yes!” she moaned, looking up at me “Mmmmm, that feels so nice inside me, your big, hard cock feels so nice inside my pussy!” She reached up and took my face in her hands, then pulled me down to kiss me.

The kiss was hot and filled with passion, our tongues dancing as she urged me into movement with her heels on my ass. I started thrusting, slowly at first, sliding my dick in and out of her wet tunnel in long, slow, and deliberate strokes.

I pulled out until just the head was inside her opening, then thrust forward until my balls pressed against her ass, and she helped me drive my dick into her with every stroke by pressing her heels on my ass. She kept her strong legs and big thighs tight around me, but not so tight as to prevent me from moving.

We broke the kiss off and I was above her, resting my weight on my hands, as I slowly thrust in and out of Becky’s tight, wet pussy. I could feel her gripping and clutching my dick with her inner muscles as she moved her hips against me. I lowered my head down to suck on her nipples, and she immediately grabbed her huge breasts in her hands and held them up for my lips, squeezing them together.

I latched onto one big, hard nipple, clamping my lips around it and sucking on it hard, making Becky moan and squirm beneath me. I felt her squeeze my dick with her pussy in response to my sucking on her nipple, I switched to the other nipple after a few moments.

“Aaahhhh, yes, my sweet Tobi, yes, suck my nipples! Suck on them hard, my sweet one!” Becky hissed, squeezing her legs around me in time with my thrusting, holding her huge breasts up for my hungry lips. I went from one nipple to the other, sucking and pulling on them with my lips, and I could feel her pussy getting wetter as I did so.

To be continued watch for episode (7)

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