Heartbroken EPISODE 1


I Stared at Sir Williams as he ate his lunch. Jake had joined Dora in the Kitchen. Dad ate his food with joy and couldn’t care that I was eyeballing his meal hoping he could choke slightly on it.
“I thought I was going to choke.” Dad said, smiling at me.
I sighed. “Are you serious about getting married?” I asked.
Dad chewed his chicken triumphantly. “Yes. You and Dora could use a mother.”
“Really? I grew up without a mother. You whisked me off to Grandma, if I ever needed a mother, it was then.” I said, angrily.

Dad smiled and sipped his wine carefully. It was as if he wanted to hurt me. “I am sorry you feel bad about my decision.” He started as he wiped his mouth carefully with the napkin. “I have a right to be happy. Sooner or later, Dora will marry KP, and you will settle with either Jake or Ade-Cole’s son…”
“What is that supposed to mean, Dad?” I asked. This time, I was livid with rage.
Dad sipped his wine. “You should really watch your temper, young lady.” He sighed and pulled his chair back. “You and I know that it is either of those men.” He added with a grin. The grin could only mean one thing. Dad was about to say something that could fire me up again. “Or do you have interest in Daniel?” he asked, laughing.

“Easy does it…” I muttered under my breath and cursed softly in Spanish. I was lucky to have enrolled in Spanish lessons while living with Grandma; I know Dad could never guess what I had just said. It all boils down to the advantage of knowing another language.
Dad laughed. “Darlene, your Spanish is still as weak as the last time.” I opened my mouth in shock. “It’s a shame there are no flies in the house for you to swallow.” He added and left for the stairs.
“Make sure she is as old as you are…I don’t want another sister.” I yelled after him.
Dad laughed wickedly and blew me a kiss. He laughed all the way to his room. It was a relief when I heard his door shut.
“Can you guys imagine?” I asked, joining Jake and Dora in the kitchen.

Jake and Dora seemed to care less. They were drinking Apple juice and having some toast bread. I stared at them with so much anger rushing through me.
“You are too serious for life D, the old man must be lacking comfort in his bed and I don’t see you or Dora giving that to him.” Jake said, eating his toast bread.
Dora chuckled softly. “I am trying not to laugh too much Darlene, but what is the problem with Dad wanting a wife?”
“Oh, really? It seems as though I am the only one who can’t see the big picture. Of what use is his wife to us?” I asked.

Jake smirked. “You are being selfish D, someday; you and Dora will go away. He will be all alone in this house with maybe the maids, drivers, gardeners, security and the dogs. No family. He deserves a companion.”
“And what type of woman is going to fall in love with my dad?” I asked, trying to flush disappointment off my face from Jake’s accusation. Maybe he is right about my being selfish.
Dora smiled. “Any woman will fall for him. Sir Williams has got class; he is cuter than George Clooney and has a greater dress sense than him. Sir Williams still makes the top 20 best dressed men in the country. He will fit any available lady.” Dora just exaggerated the George Clooney factor. I could still date George Clooney; my dad can’t stand near George.

“You are forgetting the cash factor; I think that’s what speaks for him.” I said, sounding defiant.
Dora and Jake exchanged glances. “What?” I asked. They shrugged and laughed.
“You are jealous D, Dad will always love us.” Dora replied.
I looked up to force the tears that were slowly gathering up in my eyes. “I am not Jealous.” I said.
“Are those tears I see in your eyes?” Jake said and nudged me in the waist.
I hugged him tightly as the tears flowed freely.
“You are a real façade, Darlene.” Dora said, wiping my tears. “And to think that the society sees you as Amazon, you are a baby.”

I stuck my tongue out at Dora. She winked at me and took her seat. “So, who is our dad getting married to?”
“I can’t even guess. Maybe your mom.” I replied, taking a seat.
She shook her head in disagreement. “Nah, I don’t think so. She would have told me. They really didn’t have a relationship, except for me.”
“Would you love to see them married?” I asked.
She shrugged. “I am indifferent, it’s their life. This is not a stage in my life when I need a mommy.”
“You always need a mom.” I replied. I could speak from experience. Dora always had her mom, but not me.

She nodded. “Not the way you see it, at this stage, it’s more about Dad and his future partner.” She started. “She has to be a woman that will make him happy. He must miss your mom a lot.”
“So where is he getting his wife from?”
Jake sighed. “Why don’t you wait for the bonny bride and save yourselves the guessing game?”
“Thanks.” Dora replied.
Jake dropped his cup of juice and clapped his hands together. “Okay ladies, I have to prepare for a very important event. I’ll see you later in the week.” He said, rising to his feet.
“I’ll walk you outside.” Dora and I said almost together.

I smiled. “Its okay, Dora you can walk him out.”
Jake laughed. “It’s not your fault, I have a serious effect on ladies.” He said as he approached the door with Dora.
I watched Jake and Dora walk out and chatter about something. I felt some heat flush through my body and I leaned against the chair for support.
“You should define your friendship with Jacob.” Dad said, joining me in the hallway. “That lad is free-spirited and might just flow into Dora’s hand. I don’t want sisters at logger heads over a man.” He added.

I sighed. “Jacob and I are friends. Nothing more, Dad.”
“If you say so.” He replied and walked out.
Dad had just set me off into thinking again. I fetched my swim suit and left for the pool. The pool had served as a refuge for me, I found it convenient to drown myself there, especially when my head and heart was all muddled up.
I swam across the pool furiously. I am so sure that if the pool could react, it would throw me out. We just had the water changed, and here I was fluttering across it. I couldn’t stay in the pool any longer. I decided to take a nap. Monday is another monster looming

I stepped out of the elevator. I flashed a huge smile at Bola as I walked towards my office door.
“Not now please,” she said, standing before my door.
I wore a frown. “And why is that?” I asked, trying to grab the door handle.
“I suggest you get a cup of coffee before you walk in.” Bola said, trembling with fear.
I swallowed and stood straight. “This is my office, Bola. Let me through now.” I ordered.
Bola wore a worried look as she hesitated stepping aside.
“Let me through.” I ordered. This time, my voice was more firm.

Bola sighed and stepped aside. I stared at her cautiously. I was now feeling uncomfortable trying to open the door. Nevertheless, I turned the handle and stepped in.
“Didn’t you get orders from Bola not to come in?”
I stared at Reina with some fury and dropped my bag on the table. “What are you doing here?” I asked, calmly.
“I have been taking a good look at my office; I see you changed the wallpapers. I love Turquoise.” She said, with a smile.
I inhaled deeply and counted from one to ten in my heart. I smiled lavishly at Reina. “It is now my office.” I replied.

“I am aware. The only problem is that I think I would want this office back. I am returning to work and I still like the view from this window. It’s a delight into the city at night, I know right?”
I was rattled by Reina Martins to be honest, but I tried to appear calm. “Until I receive an official order from above, I think you are trespassing, and if you don’t take your leave, I will have security whisk you out of here.”
She smiled mischievously. “You think you can have me thrown out of my office.” She scoffed. “Let me see you try.”

‘Talk is cheap’ they say. It was time for me to put my threat into action. I picked up the intercom and dialled the Security unit. “They will be here for you in no time. Leave honourably.” I said, dropping the phone.
She laughed. “I want to see you try, honey. You seem to be exercising your rights in no time. You haven’t been here for long, and I don’t think you will be here for too long.”
Two security men walked in. “Yes ma’am. Where is the intruder?” he asked.
“I met this lady here in my office.” I replied, pointing at Reina,

The security man stepped up to Reina. “You were found trespassing in this office. Please leave.” He said, courteously.
“Are you a fool?” she asked. “I am Reina Martins, and this is my office. The intruder here is Ms. Williams”
The second security man seemed to be the impatient type. He grabbed Reina in a not gentlemanly fashion by the arm and whisked her out of the office. She screamed and yelled all the way.
“Be gentle with her.” I said to the security officer and shut my door.