Keeping up with my addiction episode 23

Kelvin is finally making up with his brother, Charles after Blessing almost tore them apart with her pussy. Charles narrates how he hooks him up.

Charles more drunk than I had ever seen anyone and somehow I figured it was all my fault. Damn you blessing ! My dick stirred at the thought of her. I sat him down, gave him a lot of water to drink and listened to him spew all kinds of insults on her.

“Guyyy, you are better off without that awful witch!” he spat as he drank his fill of cold water, I thought so too but tell that to my dick and the weird things my chest did every time her name was mentioned.

“I dey serious mehn, I never should have stayed mad at you for so long, I guess I was mad at myself for everything men.” He spluttered

“How we go dey fight over woman?!”

Beats me, I thought but I decided that now wasn’t the time to call him on his stupidity, he had just fallen asleep when there was a sharp knock on the door. Who the hell was it now?

I walked over to the door in a haste to tell the person to go away when I opened it, I hit my forehead in exasperation, Silly me! It was Nike from the club, I forgot that I had asked her to come to the house today so we could discuss “job prospects”.

“Come in” I said moving aside for her, she walked in tentatively, I forgot how shy she had been even that day. It was endearing, I would have a lot of fun seducing this one, then a thought came to mind when I caught sight of my brother laying on his stomach on my couch.

“G, wake up” I said pushing him awake, being under the influence of alcohol plus being a heavy sleeper made it easy to even fuck loudly while he slept but I had a better idea.

“G, wake up”

He turned his head to me, opening one eye, “What?” he said his voice still very sleep ridden.

“Get up and come with me brother” I said and dragged his arm to pull him, it took a while but I finally got him up and led him to my bedroom.

“Guy, you gats fuck that girl out there” I said in a whisper

“What the fuck kelvin, you have come again” he said trying to wipe his eyes of sleep

“Nah, I dey very serious. You need to forget Blessing men, we all do, that pussy is ready and waiting, fuck her brains out. You’re my brother men I know you can” I said still whispering

“Plus I think  she is a virgin sef” I added I knew he liked those and so if she were then this plan would be perfect and we would all be happy.

But he shook his head “Nah, I am not doing those ever again, look at what happened with Blessing” he said a little loudly.

“Abeg, lower your voice Guy, e no mean, just do this, get it out of your system. You will thank me later”

I watched him think about it before turning to me, his face still grim, without a word he left me standing there and marched towards my living room.


I had not fucked that many women in my 31 years of life, I am proud to say that unlike my brother, fucking more than one woman a week leaves a vile taste in my mouth. I don’t know how he does it, I was with Blessing for 3 years of my life and in that time she was the only one I was with, but unlike my brother’s other unusual ideas this one actually made sense.

I was drunk for the first time ever and so fucking horny and the girl was beautiful, she sat at the edge of her seat, her hands folded in her laps and her head lowered. What was she afraid of, me? I wasn’t going to do anything except fuck her till she couldn’t breathe, I turned to see kelvin enter the room and take a seat with a huge smile on his face.

She looked up then, her eyes darted to him and then me then I think she registered what was going to happen and then she squared her shoulders.

“Mr kelvin, what about the job we discussed?” she said in a beautiful melodious voice, was it just me or was this girl giving me more reasons to tear her to pieces? Kelvin shrugged and laid back more comfortably

“That is my HRM right there Nike, talk to him” he said with a lascivious grin. I walked up an behind the chair she sat on as if the rest of it were fire and brimstone. I placed my hands on her shoulders and she tensed

Relax” I said, I could hear my own lust in my fucking voice

“I won’t bite” I said “Yet” I whispered that part to myself.

To be continued watch out for episode 24