Keeping up with my addiction episode 32

Just then there was a knock at my door, I groaned in frustration as I unwillingly let go of my baby’s sweet nipple. She sighed too as she came off me and sat down at the edge of my desk. I saw her hand touch top of her clit,

“Don’t you dare missy, I will be right back” I grunted, my voice still husky with need. A frown creased my brow as I headed to the door, righting myself while I unlocked it and pulled it open to find Blessing Fucking Chinyere at my door looking absolutely breathtaking. She peeped into the office to see why it was locked and then I saw that familiar sweet smile,

“I can always come back” she said.

“What makes you think I want to see you again?” I asked gruffly, my mood had soured in a second, I pulled her in “Get in here” and slammed the door. Nike jumped down from the desk, not ashamed at all about being naked in front of another beautiful woman, she smiled that devilish smile and walked over to Ella and I holding out a hand,

“Hi my name is Nike, you must be Blessing” she said boldly, God I love this woman! I was pleased to see Blessing taken aback by my naked girlfriend and her outright boldness. She didn’t take the hand however but it did not wipe the smile off Nike’s face.

“Why don’t I leave you too alone while I go get decent” she said backing away to retrieve her clothes, she sashayed all the way to the bathroom in my office and closed the door quietly, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her the whole time. She had had a serious confidence boost since that first night I met her and I was pleased to be part of the reason why.

I huffed and headed to my chair behind my desk, leaning forward in my usual business stance, I stared at her for a moment while she stared back at me, she had a coldness about her that had no right to be there at least not with me anyway.

“Not shaking her hand was uncalled for” I gritted out, she smiled again

“You honestly didn’t expect me to shake the hand of a random hussie you picked up from wherever, who knows where that hand has been?” she said sweetly but laced with venom.

“That Hussie as you so tactlessly put it, is my girlfriend and I intend to marry her” I said angrier now, she opened her mouth but no words came out and I was at least satisfied with that.

“You do?” came Nike’s voice next and we both turned to her, she was fully dressed now in her white blouse and black high waist skirt. He lips were swollen from the deep kisses we had shared and her eyes were watering. I stretched my arm out to her and she slowly came forward and sat on my lap nestling her face in my shoulder.

I could see different emotions play on Blessing’s face and a smile tugged at my lips,

“So Blessing, why are you here?” I said coldly. She coughed and didn’t say anything at first, I pulled Nike’s face to mine and claimed her lips, making sure I kissed her silly. When I pulled away Blessing was gone and my office door was wide open. The bitch!

To be continued watch out for episode 32