Keeping up with my addiction episode 33

Kelvin is now jealous of his brother, who seem to have found happiness despite the Blessing heartbreak. He just found a naughty twins and the fun is on.

I was on my 3rd glass of Henny and I wasn’t even nowhere near wasted. I wasn’t sure why I was back at the club I had met Adenike at, was it to get someone like her so my brother would stop throwing his happiness in my face? I hadn’t felt like this my whole life, jealous of my brother’s happiness and sex life and wanting and missing someone I hate.

It was messing with my head, I got up with my glass and went in search of the V.V.I.P section of the club where executive customers could have their privacy. My dick was warning me that it needed some action, my boss’s wife was getting monotonous even though she suggested we do it everywhere she could think of and that she had access to as the wife of my boss.
I was meant to be spying on her so it only made sense for me to be where she was at all times.

At least that was what I would tell my boss if we were ever caught. Lately she’d become demanding of my affection and I had become tired of her whining. As I sat down nursing my drink, a girl moved over to me closely followed by another girl who looked exactly like her. I wasn’t drunk yet so why was I seeing double?
The women sat on either side of me without being asked to, I wasn’t objecting especially after one began to kiss my ear and the other grabbed my cock which had hardened. I looked from one to the other, I wasn’t seeing double joor, they had to be twins. The one on my right wanted to take my glass from me but I didn’t let her, I drank the rest of the hot liquid in one gulp and then handed her the glass.

The other one had come down on her knees and was trying to ensure that the cock that she had felt moments back was real and when she released it I saw her eyes widen in amazement. That could do great things for a man’s ego that.

She immediately descended on my dick and began to do amazing things to it, I laid my head back and the other twin joined her down there to bring me joy. I looked down after a while to see the both of them sucking on my dick with reckless abandon, their eyes closed and their mouths taking turns to suck my dick and my hairy balls.

I placed my hands on their heads, helping them along holding fistfuls of their hair as they bobbed up and down.
I didn’t cum easily this way and they soon realized it because they both simultaneously as if they talked to each other with their minds stood up and took off what was left of their clothing which was not much to begin with. They both had amazing breasts and lovely heart shaped faces with the most suckable lips and just as I thought it, it came to pass.

They both sashayed closer and brought their lips to mine in a three-way kiss, while jointly massaging my cock, one of the broke away and came down from the couch I sat on, she crouch over me and used my free hand to massage her clit to make it wetter than it already was, I moaned at the contact.

Soon after she settled down on top of me with my dick all the way in her, moaning seductively as it went in then she began to ride, her back to me and her small ass squeezing on my cock.

Her twin turned my face to hers and kissed me again, then she pulled back, her face expressionless, she climbed over me so that her pussy rested in my face and of course that was a cue for me to eat her and I was happy to. I came within minutes due to the double moaning and the tight pussy that sat on my dick.

When the twin came off me she came to help her sister achieve orgasm by fingering the top of her clit while I continued to suck. Her sister realising that my dick was free came down and wanted to have a go herself, by which time my dick was coming back to life.
Twin B had another idea, she shoved one nipple into my mouth while she fingered herself, the moaning began again, twin A that rode my dick like a fucking rodeo was louder than her sister.

I found myself groaning low and deep as she rode, this time it took a lot longer and I could tell twin A was enjoying herself as she repeatedly yelled
“Fuck me daddy! Yes!! Yesss!!!” she came with a loud groan and I continued to pump up into her, my body shook as the first wave of giant pleasure seized me, they both came down and knelt waiting obediently like dogs waiting for biscuits while I stroked my cock the rest of the way to cum and when I did they took it all over their faces and breasts.

It was while I shook my cock empty on these two vixens that I remembered that we hadn’t used protection. Gaddamn!!
My phone had been blown up with missed calls and messages, some from my boss, most of them from his wife and one from Charles. It was 4am in the morning and I knew Charles would not appreciate me calling at the hour so whatever it was could wait till later. I called my boss first as it would be 10pm where he was.
“kelvin where the fuck have you been?” his gruff voice bellowed out before I could even say hello.

To be continued watch out for episode 34