Keeping up with my addiction episode 34

Kelvin’s boss is calling to ask about the spying job he gave him. For once, he has decided to take it, and he found out what he didn’t think he would.

“Living my life” I responded irritably, a sour taste in my mouth. My dick had just had so much fun but the rest of my body wasn’t so pleased.

“Don’t get smart with me, why haven’t I heard from you in days considering what we talked about?” I felt a pang of guilt, here I was being a confidant of this man that trusted me to spy on his wife and here I was fucking her brains out any chance I could get, the thought of her made my dick twitch.

She was far along in her pregnancy now and other people would relax and wait for their baby to come but she was busy trying to fuck me at all cost. I wondered what she wanted now I thought to myself rolling my eyes.

“Sir, I haven’t had much to tell you since the last update sir, everything seems fine” I ground out in a bored voice.

“Seems?” he said unsurely

“Yes sir, you just have to trust me” I said closing my eyes and imagining the many ways my boss could have me killed. He hung up without another word and I tossed my phone to my passenger seat. I decided then to take a detour to my boss’s house to check on her since I was close by anyway.

It might be a bitch to get into her estate but if it meant I could suck on those heavenly nipples on those giant melons she carried in front of her then I would gladly punch that smug security guard in the face. I raced to her place and was lucky to get by easily, the security guard I dashed 1,000 naira every time I came around was on duty and he let me in the minute he saw my car. I knew the several places she his spare keys to the three entrances of the mansion.

I wanted to go in through the kitchen because I badly needed a glass of water so I retrieved the one for the kitchen. After drinking my fill, I headed towards the room she shared with her husband, from the other side of the door I heard muffled voices. Thinking she and her child were there together I decided to retreat because the child had never met me. I had to be very careful, then as I turned away, I heard a loud moan and gasp and tat couldn’t possibly have been a child, I yanked the door open only to come face to face with my boss’s wife riding some random fellow’s dick and another random fellow’s dick in her mouth.

They heard the door open and the one with his dick in her mouth turned and it was that smug bastard from the gate. WHAT THE FUCK?! No wonder he had no fucking respect for me, when she saw me she froze and pushed the guard away from her.

“Oh no, don’t stop on my account” I said, my blood boiling, part of me wanted to join the party as my dick had already stood at the attention seeing her naked breasts flying everywhere, another part of me wanted to throttle her and the bigger part of me wanted to strangle that smug bastard that had his dick in her, the other guy I didn’t know but I could strangle him too.

She had no words for me and so I exited the same way I came, anger boiling inside me and I raced downstairs. Why was I so mad? We weren’t exclusive, I was using her sex even though she claimed to love me. Did I feel bad that she lied or that she is just a whoring bitch with amazing breasts? Yeah, I kinda did. What was happening to me? I made for the kitchen and whipped out my dick, I was not driving home horny and angry.

I began to stroke it fast, I heard hurried footsteps and my boss’s wife came into view. When I saw her the anger intensified but it was soon overcome by need, I grabbed her and sat down on one of the chairs,

“Fuck that dick now bitch” she gasped at the tone my voice had taken but sat on my dick anyway, riding like the fucking whore she was. I came inside her soon after then pushed her off me.

“Don’t call my fucking phone ever I again” I spat as I zipped up my jeans and left her standing there with her mouth still open and her breasts begging for my lips. I slammed my car door shut and sat back, my head leaning against the headrest. I had no feelings for this woman so why did this piss me off so much?

Had Blessing ruined me? What the fuck was going on? I saw my phone blink saying I had a new message. I didn’t want to look at it, if it was my boss’s wife I would toss my phone out the window, I drove home in silent fury. Once in, I placed my phone on charge and decided to check who the message was from. There were two messages, one was from Charles the other from an unknown number, I decided to check Charles first, surprised that he had been awake after all.

‘Blessing is back’ was all it said which caused my eyes to widen to the fullest, I hurriedly checked the next message and sure enough it was from who I figured it would be

‘Hi Kelvin, it’s Blessing remember me?’ it said

What the fuck did she mean

“Did I remember her?” I haven’t been able to forget her bitch ass and that was why my life sucked right now!! My cock stood at attention at the mere thought of her for the millionth time these past months. I took off my clothes and decided to take a shower when I heard a knock on the door, I was already stark naked and I couldn’t think of anyone it could be, mischief took over and I decided to open the door the way I was.

When I pulled it open I almost tripped when I saw who it was, it was Blessing at my door, looking stunning with that beautiful smile on her face that for once since I have known her did not reach her beautiful almond shaped eyes.

Today had been something else

To be continued watch out for episode 35