Keeping up with my addiction episode 35

After listening to Charles advice, Blessing decides to visit kelvin, and the conversation gets interesting as he answers the door stark naked.


I had no prior plan going to kelvin’s house, I just knew I had to see him before I returned to Abuja otherwise this trip would have been in vain. The discussion I intended to have with charles was disastrous, I expected him to be angry but not vengeful – he was never like that.

I deeply regretted what I had to these two brothers, I had clearly torn them apart and I was surprised Charles didn’t have me thrown from the building. But his kissing the hussie in front of me like that was the height, I didn’t deserve that.

Kelvin still lived in the same house I know he has complained about over and over, he was never the firm one, he would say one thing and you expect him to stick to it but then the next minute he had changed his mind or become too lazy to effect any change, whereas his brother said and he did!

That was my first attraction to Charles, but unfortunately, I fell in love with his carefree brother who literally couldn’t care less. I stood outside his door for 15 minutes before I plucked up the courage to knock, you can’t imagine my shock when kelvin opened the door and he stood there stark naked, his amazing cock thick and resting but before my eyes it twitched and began to harden even the slightest bit.

I lost all my confidence then, I wanted to turn away at the sight of his angry face, he stood aside without a word and I walked in gingerly.

“Yes?” he said gruffly, I certainly wasn’t expecting a warm welcome. I sighed

“Kelvin, how are you?” I said, he raised his eyebrows and smiled a cold smile.

“Surely Blessing, you didn’t come all the way from wherever you live to ask how I am, what do you want?” he said scathingly, I winced at the tone of his voice.

“I live in Abuja…” I began

“That was not my question” he growled cutting me off, I sighed and came closer to me but he backed away. This beautiful man stood naked in front of me, not even able to fully look at me, God I still loved him! but his apparent hatred for me would never let him feel the same way for me. I felt highly intimidated by his incredible body, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, off his thick cock, my pussy called out to me to get a move on.

To get him to fuck me right here on the floor. I knew he wouldn’t do that, kelvin may be carefree, he may love sex but he was no fool.

“I wanted to see you, to speak with you, maybe catch up” I said measuring my words

“Oh? What about?” he said in that same gruff tone

“Anything, everything” I said

“Not interested” he said turning to face me, squaring his jaw, his eyes the hardest I have ever seen them.

“Come on kelvin, you can’t stay mad at me forever, I am really sorry” I said, I needed him to hear me but most importantly to touch me, set my skin on fire like he did eight months ago. He did a double take

“I can do what??” He began almost sputtering

“What ! This girl, do you even realized the damage you would have caused? Do you realise what you did to my brother, to me?!” He said raising his voice now.

“And you waltz in here telling me I can’t stay mad at you? with a half assed apology, something dey worry you!!” I took a deep breath, I wasn’t totally to blame here, I wasn’t about to let him blame me for how everything turned out.

“I wasn’t the only one there that night kelvin” I said carefully, my voice had gone cold and my throat dry.

“What night?” he said with a frown

“The night we fucked the first time” I said, he looked at me as if he wasn’t seeing me properly then he placed his hands on his waist, drawing my eyes back to his enlarged dick, which had hardened. But since he was ignoring I decided to do the same.

“What about it Blessing?” I winced again at the way he said my full name.

“That was when it all started” I replied not even knowing what to say. He looked at me then, and then shook his head as he put his head down. Then he began to laugh

“You punished me because you seduced me, I fucked you and I didn’t tell you I loved you back?” he said an evil glint in his beautiful eyes.

“Would you have preferred that I lied so I could fuck you again? Cuz God knows I wanted to” he added scathingly. Ouch!

“I did not love you then, I cared for you yeah, you were my brother’s girl and my colleague. Were you hot, did I desire you? Fuck yeah but you hit me with the love thing out of nowhere” He growled. He said he didn’t love me then but…

“And now?” I said testing the waters

“What would you want me to say?” He replied unkindly taking his hands from his waist and moving away. I didn’t know what came over me but I wanted him to look at me and to really see me, I pulled my zip down from the back and let my dress fall and then I stepped out of it.

“Look at me kelvin” I said, he didn’t

“kelvin!!” I said with more force and he turned his head to the side, I saw the pools of desire swim in his eyes for a moment then they disappeared. He turned to face me fully, a look of rage on his face, not exactly what I intended.

“Is this what you intended? You would come here and seduce me again and I would just fall into your hands and you would fucking break me again?!” I gasped, I broke him? Kelvin had never expressed himself, this was the first time I had seen him this angry and now he just expressed a vulnerability to me, I wanted to jump him and never let him go.

I couldn’t say anything, I was still getting over the revelation, he must have heard what he said because then he looked mortified.

“Get out!” He said suddenly, yanking his door open

“Get the fuck out and don’t come back!” He said before.

He stormed away and slammed his bedroom door after him. I was taken aback, that was not in the least the reaction I expected, I shouldn’t have come here, now I had humiliated myself and to add insult to injury, Kelvin wanted me but he hated me too much to do anything about it.

I put my dress back on, picked up my purse and fled, it was my fault I listened to Charles in the first place, how do you rectify a situation that doesn’t want to be rectified?

To be continued watch out for episode 36