Keeping up with my addiction episode 7

Blessing just had a change of mind about kelvin, Ada just left his office as Blessing arrives, he continues enjoying the moment with Ada leaving Blessing angry.

Blessing’s point of view

I knew I meant nothing to him, it was stupid of me to think that he would change, even for me.
I had loved the wrong person for 3 years! I couldn’t bear watching him anymore, wanting more than he was incapable of giving. He went about his day like nothing ever happened between us when in fact he had rocked my world and my heart.

Kelvin is a selfish person and the only person he can ever truly love is himself, I berate myself every day for thinking otherwise. I told Charles we did, even though I knew kelvin would eventually. He is a lot more honest than his younger brother and I give him credit for that at least.

Watching that girl carry around the office like she had just been promoted because she had sampled kelvin’s dick is infuriating, well maybe she has been promoted if she is going to move from intern to temporary secretary. I walked out of the HR office already regretting my action but not wanting to stay because I just might collapse from the sadness.

Kelvin point of view

I was not having a good day. The year was wrapping up and I had just now realized the workload I had left to the last minute. Ada proved more efficient than most and helped me a great deal, not just with work but in servicing my dick with her mouth occasionally.

It wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve done but compared to fucking Blessing and then not speaking to her again (not by choice) this was better. I was so wrapped up in the documents on my desk that I didn’t first hear the door slam, until I heard his voice. Uh oh!

“You bastard!” Charles shouted, thankfully the senior staff offices were soundproof, still…
“Look, Charly, I can explain” I said raising my palms up in surrender.
“Explain what? How you fucked Blessing not long after she broke my heart?” Damn!
“Look mehn, I really can’t, she came unto me Charly, you have to believe that” I said as sincere as I could but it really was the truth.

“I don’t fucking believe that, are you telling me your dick just happened to fall into her pussy, that you had no idea what or who you were doing?” Charles said his voice getting louder now.

“Charly, please just sit down, let’s sort this out” I said placatingly. He ignored me
“Just answer me one thing, were the 2 of you fucking while we were together?” My eyes went wide, I am many things but I could never have done that to my little brother, I know how he felt about her.

“Hell no! how can you even ask that?” I retorted. He stood up straight and shook his head at me.
“I never thought I’d hate someone like I hate you now, here I was trying to get my girl back and you were busy fucking her?’
“It was once and months ago! I haven’t even spoken to her since!” I was getting angry now.

“Oh yeah? You get to see her every blessed day!!” He bellowed
“That’s what you think, she stopped talking to me the day after till now, I have no idea why” He paused for a moment at that.
“Good, I’d hate to think the girl I have been in love with for the past 3 years didn’t have sense” And with that he stormed out and slammed the door again.

I’d offered to take Ada home, she had been working late with me and some other members of staff who undoubtedly had missed their own deadlines like me. She was sitting in the passenger seat of my car when I joined her, finally able to shake off one of my female’s colleagues who was inviting me to a family dinner, I was just not in the mood. I just needed a shower, a stiff drink and sleep.

I pull out of the parking lot and turn to the main road, I steal a glance at Ada and see that she is squeezing her thighs together, I wonder why, maybe it was the rumble of the engine making her horny.

“Can we pull over please? ” she asked.
I look at her, she looks like she is going to throw up, I pull on to the size of the road, it is very dark but cars are driving by still.

When I stop, she turns off the car and smashes my face with hers, kissing me hard. She takes her left hand and undoes my buttons, I immediately get hard – this is me not in the mood for anything. She breaks the kiss and pulls my pants down partially and takes out my dick, she starts to suck on my cock as I move the seat back.

Taking me all the way in, she deep throats my cock, her saliva drips down the shaft when she pulls away. I groan realizing my cock is left exposed, she slurps the spit and then strokes the cock hard, like she wants the cum now.

She starts sucking again and I start grabbing her ass and pulling her pants off, she stops and strokes again even harder, she really wants my cum from the looks of it, she takes her pants off while I take off mine, she takes her shirt off, exposing a cream coloured bra this time.

To be continued watch out for episode 8