Episode 13

I disengaged myself from her immediately and arranged myself so that my hard prick won’t show. My heart pondered so high. Mrs Sharp sharp had already redressed                  Mrs Sharp sharp: Who is that?
Voice: Please ma, the principal wants to see you urgently. On hearing that, I breathed calmly.                                                                                                                          Mrs Sharp sharp: Okay…. Tell him am going to join him anytime soon.
Voice: Okay.Ma.
Mrs Sharp sharp:(she drew me close to her) please, let continue.
Me: I think we should stop for now.
Mrs Sharp sharp: Come on.
Me: This is your office, do you want people to suspect us? We have to be very careful about our relationship.
Mrs Sharp sharp: I think that”s right, you’ve made a point there. You always talk like a matured guy and that’s why I love you so much.
Me: Thanks
I wanted to go and she called me back.
Mrs Sharp sharp: Not when I’m alive that you will leave like that baby boy.
Come and kiss me before leaving.
I held her head and gave her a passionate kiss, she left a soft moan and
my dick erected at once. I pulled my hands from her head and dressed properly and left her office for my class. When I got to the class, Corper Isaac was teaching, I requested for permission to come in and he told me to kneel down. I knelt down without hesitation. As I knelt down, Princess looked at me and also looked at Corper Isaac. After he finished teaching, he told me to follow him and I followed him. When we got to his office, he told me to sit down and I did.
Corper Isaac: Why did you walk out on me the other day?
Me: Am sorry sir.
Corper Isaac:  I want you to do something for me.
Me: I can do it once it ’s not above my power.
Corper Isaac: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah.  Am sure sir.                                                                                          Corper Isaac: I know it won’t be easy for you to do but you have to try. I love princess so much (it sounds like a bomb to my ear ).
Me: (pretending) What do you want me to do?
Corper Isaac: I know she is your girlfriend but please can you leave her for me?
Me: (with a heavy heart) no problem. You can have her.
Corper Isaac: I love your way. Thanks so much.
Me: You are welcome sir.
He handed me N500 for lunch, I collected it sharply and dashed out of his office.
I went to our class and Princess was sleeping on my desk, I moved out to the canteen and bought some things and came back to the class, Princess was still sleeping and I woke her up. She saw the black waterproof in my hand and asked what it is? I handed it over to her and told her to open it and check. Mathew was on his desk looking at us with his jealousy eyes and I cared less, after school dismissal, I went home. Since that day, I couldn’t concentrate on studying my books anymore.
One day Princess told me to come and visit her on a Sunday that she wants to discuss something important with me. I asked her about her mum if she will be around and she told me that her mum has travelled to see her dad in Asaba, Delta state. Her father is a civil servant in Asaba. I agreed to come and visit her. Here comes Sunday, after church, I  cooked and ate before I went to Princess’s house. When I got to her house, I was amazed because of what I saw.

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!