Episode 15

This time, I picked the call.                                                                                        Me: (with a distorted voice) hello
Mrs Sharp sharp: Helle Lanre. Where are you? I have been waiting for you. Please, come fast.
Me: (a bit relieved) am almost there.
Mrs Sharp sharp: Am waiting. And she dropped the call. After she dropped the call, I wondered why she moaned earlier because she didn’t sound like someone who has someone in her compartment. At last, I concluded to go in and I went inside her house and behold, I saw Mrs Sharp sharp unclad, sitting on her sofa in the parlor. My cock erected and I tried to cover it but I could n’t. I came in and sat opposite her.

Me: Why are you unclad? Come on. Put on your clothes. Am not here for this.                  Mrs Sharp sharp: Spare me that trash. Come and join me.
Me: That makes you leave me with no choice than to take my leave. My penis was so hard that I couldn’t hide it anymore. That moment, it was my penis that was controlling my thought. Putting up a character that I want her to redress was just a false one. She didn’t respond to what I told her to do. Then I tried to make a move to know how what her reaction will be. As I moved to the door to open it, she rushed up to me and I intentionally resisted her.

Mrs Sharp sharp: Alright then. No problem. She went back and she wore her pant and bra. I went back and sat down with my penis still hard.  I summoned the courage and asked her;                                                                                                                              Me: Who was with you?
Mrs Sharp sharp: When?
Me : Today.
Mrs Sharp sharp: I was alone. No one was with me.                                                          Me: Then why were you moaning?
Mrs Sharp sharp: I was pressured. But how do you know?
Me: Never mind.
Her body settled down after I finished asking her question, she entered her room and came out with a skirt and polo on her and my hard prick softened immediately.

Mrs Sharp sharp: What should I offer you baby boy?
Me: Anything.
Mrs Sharp sharp: Hummmmmmmmmmmmm. Alright. She went inside her kitchen and came out with rice and fried chicken’s lap and presented it to me. She went inside again and came out with a Hollandia yogurt.
Mrs Sharp sharp: This is for you, baby boy.
Me: Thank you so much
Mrs Sharp sharp: You are welcome. Without a second thought, I started eating the food. As I was eating, we kept on gisting about a lot of things, until when I asked her about
her family.
Mrs Sharp sharp: Actually, I haven’t told anyone about this but I have to tell you. I got married to the first man some years ago but he divorced me because I was unable to conceive not to talk of giving birth. I met the second man and he also divorced me because of the same issue. But before the second man divorced me,
we went to the hospital and doctor confirmed that I can never conceive because ……… she wanted to cry but I consoled her.  So since then, I have been alone, eating alone, talking alone and doing so many things without a companion.
That is why I see you as my companion and my everything. That is why I always want you to be by my side and forget about all those small girls. Please, try and understand me whenever I need your attention. See me as your lover as I see you as my lover. Ask me anything you want and I will do it for you, okay?
Me: (I pitied her as she was expressing her emotions and story of her life) I understand you.
My phone started ringing again.

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!