Episode 17

I was left with no other option than to call Mrs. Sharp sharp on the phone that I’m stranded. I called her and she told me to come to her house. I went back to her house, when I got there, she was already in her pajamas and I sat down with a frowned face.
Mrs. Sharp sharp: What happened?
I explained everything to her starting from when I left her house when I was approached and extorted for no reason.

Mrs. Sharp sharp: Thank God they only took money from you and nothing else.
Me: (with a furious face)please help me, I want to go home.
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Home? You have to sleep over and go in the morning.
Me: You know that wouldn’t be possible now. Am still at my parent’s house
Mrs. Sharp sharp : I know but it’s too late.
Me: I must go home this night or my parent will disown me. They will still query me when I get home this night not to talk of sleeping over.
Mrs. Sharp sharp: You know how perilous that road is in the night. You can’t risk your life because your parents will disown you. What if you die in the process, what will be the fate of your family? Did you inform any of your family members where you are going to?
Me: No
Mrs. Sharp sharp: You see my dear you can’t go this night. Remember, they killed someone recently on that road, who knows the next person, so my dear, I don’t want to lose you neither do your family. So chill and sleepover, your parent can never kill you.
I was muted but unperturbed. I don’t know what else to say. Go inside the bathroom and take your bath while I dish out food so that we can eat.

Me: What will I tell them if I get home tomorrow morning?
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Until then, I will tell you…
Me: What about school, won’t I go to school?
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Yes, you will. You will take your bath in the morning
and I will carry you in my car to your house. I will explain to your parent by
myself. Okay?
Me: what will you tell them?
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Leave that to me, dear. She pecked me. My dear, go and take
your bath.

I went inside the bathroom and had my bath, she gave me a container of cream and
as I was rubbing it on my body, she came closer to me.
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Can I help you to rub your back? I frowned my face……
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Come on, baby boy.

She took the cream from me and started rubbing my back. No, rubbing isn’t the right word. She started caressing me and her hands her soft and succulent. As she was doing that, I groaned in pressure and pounced on her.
I started kissing her, at a point she unclad herself. I located her boobs and
started sucking them.

My phone started ringing, I abandoned her to check who was calling and it was my dad calling. My heart skipped and my erected dick went down immediately. She asked, who is calling you? I didn’t answer her . Where will I tell him that I am in this night? It’s almost 11 pm. I was looking at my phone as it was ringing till it stopped ringing. The call came the second time and Mrs. Sharp sharp came close to me. She took the phone from me and kept it aside.

Mrs. Sharp sharp: Why did you frown your face like this now? Just cheer up and leave everything to me. I will cover up when I meet them tomorrow. Come on, baby boy. Let continue. I  didn’t even shake my body from where I was. I kept thinking about what will happen tomorrow morning. She moved her hand down to my prick and I regained erection instantly. She started robbing and I was enjoying it. At a point, I tackled her boobs and started sucking them so hard that she was moaning. I sucked her for
like 5mins and I left her boobs, I moved my fingers down to her pussy, I shifted her pant one side and dipped my finger inside her wet pussy and she moaned softly. I started pushing my finger in and out of her. I fingered her for 5mins and I withdrew my finger from her pussy. I removed her pant. I laid on the floor beside her and we faced each other.

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!