Episode 18
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Can you f–k me from the back?
Me: I haven’t tried that…..
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Then let me be the first you will do that with.
She turned and faced the floor,
she departed her legs for me.

Mrs. Sharp sharp: F–k my ass, baby boy. F–k meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
She motivated me with those words and I pushed the head of my prick inside her ass.
I started f—–g her,as I was f—–g her,
I located her boobs and pressed them.
She moaned aloud ….
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Oooooh! Arrrrrrrrrrrh!
Harrrrrderrrrrrrr, baby boy! Give me more, baby.
I was fucking her so hard but I wasn’t enjoying it because I haven’t f–k a woman through her ass. I withdrew my p—k from her anus and I told her to turn,let me f–k you from the front. She turned and faced me…
I inserted my p—k and she let a soft moan.

As I was about to fuck her, my phone started ringing again. I departed myself from her to check who was calling and it was my dad again. I abandoned the phone and continued with her. I f—-d her for 7mins and she held me and began to convulse. She cummed and I also ejaculated inside her,she was moaning as I was filling her honeypot with my semen.
After then, I departed myself from her and
went inside the bathroom to take my bath.
She also entered and we had our bath together and also a quickie . After bathing,we entered her parlour and we ate and went to bed. I woke up by 4am in the morning with an erected p—k. I pounced on Mrs. Sharp sharp as she was sleeping,
she woke up immediately, I thought she would resist me but she spread her legs
for full penetration.

Without wasting time, I entered her and started firing her. I cummed inside her and departed myself from her. She continued with her sleep, I was awake till 6am.
When I stood up from bed and went inside
her bathroom and before I could come out of the bathroom, she was already in the kitchen. After cooking,she took her bath and we ate together and we moved out of her house to her car. I entered her car and she drove off.

When we entered our compound, I saw my mum and my dad outside with some of our neighbours. My heart started pounding fast. Am finished was all I could think of.
When Mrs. Sharp sharp stopped her car,
she opened the door and moved out and I
came out slowly. I went close to where those people and my parent are. My mum was mopping at me like a moron. All the people that was in our compound was just looking at me.

I greeted my parent and they didn’t respond, they were still mopping at me…
My heart skipped,chai! Wetin I go do ooo?
Mrs. Sharp sharp don finish my life,
wetin go be the excuse wey I go give them?
My dad: Lanre, what happened? *** my mouth started shaking because I had no idea of what to say***
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Good morning sir?
Actually, he was hitted by a bike man when I saw him yesterday, he was lying helplessly and I took him to a nearby hospital for treatment. Thank God he didn’t sustain any injury.
My Mum: What?
Mrs. Sharp sharp: As a matter of fact,
we are just coming from the hospital. *** chai dis woman sabi lie well well***
My dad: Jesus Christ! Thank you so much for saving his life.
Mrs. Sharp sharp: He’s moreless my son.
*** my dad took her inside our house
and bought drink for her but she refused to drink anything ***
My dad: Why can’t you take ordinary Malt?
Mrs. Sharp sharp: No am ok, don’t bother yourself. Maybe when next I come,
I will eat. *** they laughed ***
My dad: Emmm…. What about his hospital bill? You can take me there so I will pay.
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Don’t worry, I have paid everything. What we will be doing is to thank God for his life.
My dad: I don’t knw how to thank you. My God will reward you abundantly.
Mrs. Sharp sharp: Amen ooo…
My mum: Thank you so much.
Mrs. Sharp sharp: He’s moreless my son,
if I didn’t do it,then what makes me a mother? So lets give God thanks for
saving him.
Me: (soliloquising) chai dis woman sabi lie oooooh..
See as she dey pack all the thanks wey
my parent dey give am.

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!