Episode 19

I looked at her and our eyes collided but I took my eyes away. I decided to play along too.

Me: Thank you, ma for saving my life.. Who knws where I would be by now?

Mrs. Sharp sharp: Don’t say that.

Me: Thank You so much.

Mrs Sharp sharp: You are welcome my son.

I have to be on my way now. Am going to work.

My dad: Ok… When next will you visit us?

Mrs. Sharp sharp: Maybe on Sunday, I will be free.

My mum: Alright …thank you so much.

Mrs. Sharp sharp entered her car and drove off. I told my parent that I want to go to school but they refused and told me to stay at home so that I will rest very well. My mum prepared food for me and called me to come and eat but  I told her  am not hungry since I’ve eaten at Mrs. Sharp sharp’s house.  She insisted and I ate little. I slept all through the day.

The next day, I went to school as early as possible and after the assembly, I went straight to my desk and bent my head on it. Soon Princess entered the class and tapped me, I raised my head up and looked at her.

Princess: Good morning, Lanre.

I didn’t respond and a teacher entered our class. After teaching, she left and Corper Isaac entered.  He looked at princess and their eyes collided.  I was filled with rage immediately but I walked out of the class. I decided to go out of the school entirely. Harrison, my friend that was living around the school didn’t come to school that day so I decided to go to his house. When I got there,he was in haste to go out.

After we have greeted in our usual way, I asked him where he was going to and he told me that his mother called him(he relocated to the school area because of our WASSCE exam that is coming up). I told him that I want to stay in his house to cool my head and he gave me his key and left. I entered his house and laid in his bed.

After like 5minutes someone knocked at the door.

Me: Who is that?

Voice: It’s me Princess.

Me:*** I ignored her and she knocked again*** I stood up, went to the door and opened it. I looked at her and our eyes met.

Princess: Lanre, what is it? What have I done to you that you’ve been avoiding me since morning . If I have wronged you in anywhere please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

*** I moved in and sat on the bed held one pillow in between my legs. She moved out of the door step and sat beside me. ***

Me: Who was in your house on Sunday that you invited me?

Princess: That was Corper Isaac

Me: You also invited him?

Princess: No…

Me: How come he was in your house?

Princess: He asked me the other day for my location and I told him where am living. Meanwhile, I didn’t tell him the main way to our compound.

Me: Why did you do that?

Princess: And sorry Lanre. Please, forgive me, I don’t knw what came over me that day.

Me: So you did it to know if i will be heartbroken ?

Princess: Heartbroken?Nooooooh! Please forgive me *** she crossed her hands on my neck *** baby I love you with my body and soul, I feel empty whenever you are not around me.  My life is meaningless without you Lanre. You are a special part of me which I can’t leave behind. Can someone abandon his eyes,mouth,nose or ears? The answer is no.  You see if that is impossible, you should know that it will be impossible for me to leave you. You are not just an ordinary part of me but the most important part of me. Lanre, please forgive me and understand. *** she makes to cry***

Me: It’s ok, baby…..I understand but its just that I feel heartbroken whenever a guy comes around you… You are also a special part of me. I thank the Lord for the first day I met you. Do you know that I couldn’t sleep throughout the night on that Sunday?

Princess: Am so sorry for my ignorance.

*** soon my phone started to ring, I checked and it was Mrs sharp sharp that was calling me, I picked up ***

Me: Hello ma…

Mrs. Sharp sharp: Hello Lanre. Where are you, I have been looking for you?

Me: Corper Isaac sent me on an errand ma, I will be back soon.

Mrs. Sharp sharp: For how long have you stayed there?

Me:  Please ma, I will be back soon.

*** I hung up…. I switched off my phone ***

Princess: Who was that?

Me: Mrs. Sharp sharp.

Princess: Why is she calling you?

Me: She was asking me where I am.

Princess: Why would she be looking for you?

Me: I don’t know.

*** I laid on the bed, facing the ceiling and she laid on my body too.***

Me: Promise me that you will never leave me and nothing on this earth can separate us.

Princess: I pledge, there is nothing that can separate us in this world except death.

Me: I love you, babe.

Princess: I love you too.

*** I pushed her down and started to kiss her.  I kissed her from her head to her toe and looked at her to know her reaction. Her body was trembling but I continued. At a point, she left a soft moan, I decided not to fingerbleep her because I don’t want to romance her roughly. I unbuttoned her uniform shirt and dipped my hands inside her bra and brought out her boobs. Behold her b–bs were still firm and confidential. The two b–bs were staring at me. I nodded my head and I sucked her b–bs and her legs started shaking and her body was so hot like overboiled hot water.I looked into her eyes and it seems she can’t hold her body anymore and she whispered to my ear.

Princess: Lanre, take my virginity as a sign of my love for you…

Me:*** amazed *** are you still a virgin?

Princess: confirm and take it please.

I can’t hold myself anymore Lan..


To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!