Episode 20


** I looked into her eyes,it seems she was dieing gradually inside. ***

Me: Do you mean it baby?

Princess: Lanre, you are hurting me emotionally.

*** I removed her skirt slowly. She was left with only her pant. I removed the pant and I wanted to touch her p—-sy and I remembered that she hasn’t done it before so I ignored it. I sucked her buttocks for some minute and I  pulled off my school uniform and my p—k was ready for any action. As I was about to bleep her,she

used her palm to cover her pussy lips. *****

Me: Baby, what is the problem?

Princess: promise me one thing….

Me: No need to ask me, am aware of what

you want to say baby….. I pledge with

my body and my soul.

Princess: How do you know what I wanted to say?

Me: I can read your mind whenever we

are together.

Princess: Are you sure?

Me: *** I kissed her *** yeah am sure

Princess: Take my body and my soul.

Take my virginity as a sign of my love for you…

She unclosed her p—sy and I tried to slide the head of my dick inside her p—sy but it couldn’t enter. I tried it the second time and its still the same thing. I was irritated,

Which kind p—sy dis girl carry sef?

The p—sy no dey even accept my dick.

After  some time, I tried it the third time,

and it was still the same thing. I no wan force my dick inside her because I no wan hurt her.  My dick was the one that was controlling me that moment, I pushed my dick inside her with full force. She shaked and tears rolled from her eyes. I pitied her that moment and removed my dick from her p–sy. My dick was covered with some blood and I looked at her p–sy and saw blood, I managed to use my handkerchief to  clean up the blood that was on my dick.

She laid on the bed helplessly and tears was on her eyes. My dick bow down instantly and I was panting and roaming about in the room. God…… what have I just done?

I was just tired,I had no idea of what to do.

We were inside that room till evening when the weather was gloomy. I told her to follow me, so I can show her the bathroom for her to bath for her body system to calm down.

She agreed and followed me to the bathroom and I showed her.  I didn’t know what the blood that came out of her p—sy meant.

She had her bath and came out of the bathroom to redress. 10 mins later,we left Harrison’s house and I accompanied her to where she boarded a bike and she left. I went home without my school bag because our school gate has been locked. When I got to our compound, I saw my parents outside with angry faces.

Chai I don die today,where I go tell dem say I go? The time is 7:30pm . Where I go tell them say I go now? What lie should I cookup for them now?

I summoned courage to enter without having anything in mind as an excuse.


When I entered, I greeted my dad first and he responded audibly and I greeted my mum and she also responded.

When I was about entering my room,my dad called me back and I came back. My heart was beating faster, chai I don die!!!

God abeg save me.

My dad: Anytime you are going to stay long outside, you have to inform us so that we will not be worried.

Me: Yes daddy.

My dad: Where are your books?

Me: *** chai! See gbege *** emm….I left them in my friends house where we have been studying.

My dad: Who is that your friend and where is he living?

Me: It’s Harrison sir.

My dad : Okay….how did you go to his house because I know his house is from your school.

Me: Dad he is no more living with his parents . He is now living around the school because of our examination that is fast approaching.

My dad: I have been thinking about that for a while now.

Me: What daddy?

My dad: You know,staying here with us will be a burden and a distraction to you. I have been thinking that it will be better for you to join your collegues and live around the school, that will give you more opportunity to read hard with you collegues.


To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!