Episode 21

My mum: That’s a good idea. So my dear you have to join them and read to bringout your best in this your coming exam.

My dad: So son,what do you think about that?

Me: Dad am so grateful to the both of you. I like the idea.

My dad : Alright. When you get to school tomorrow,try and look for a house where you will leave and give me feedback when you return.

Me: No problem dad, I will do just that…..

Your are the best daddy I have ever seen in this world, infact daddy come out for the next presidential election,

trust me I will vote for you with all my fingers.

*** they all laughed ***

My dad: You can now go and take your bath

and help your mum to do one or two things in the kitchen before you go back to your studies.

Me: Yes, daddy.

I went inside my room, removed my

school uniform and went straight to the bathroom. As I was bathing,my mind hasn’t gotten off about what happened between Princess and I in the afternoon.

After bathing,I went to my room and applied small vaseline on my body and joined my mum in the kitchen.

As we were cooking,my mum raised a topic and started asking me some funny questions. I wasn’t replying her very well because I was not interested in that.

After cooking,we ate and went to our different rooms. That night, I tried to read my Economic textbook but I was not concentrating because my mind was troubled heart. So I went to bed but

was restless all through.

The next day I went to school,after our morning assembly , I didn’t see princess.

First and second lesson had gone yet Princess hasn’t shown up.

What happen to her now? Did her parents find out? Did she fall sick because of what happened?

God please forgive me for hurting that innocent girl.  After thinking for a while, i called her number but it was switched off.

What has happened to her now? I left the school to her house,when I got there,her father was outside.

Chai!!! I don die, how I go enter this compound now? If I enter, who I go tell them say i dey look for? Lanre, this na brain work,

use your head. How will I enter this compound now?

My mind was running through many things. I summoned courage and entered the compound. I met her father.

Me: Good afternoon sir.

Princess dad: Good afternoon to you.

Me: Please, I hope here is Princess Akachukwu’s compound?

Princess dad: Yes….

Me: Are you her father?

Princess dad: Yes I am… What can I do for you?

Me: Actually, am from St. Theresa secondary school. Am in the same class with Princess.

She was absent today in the school and our

class teacher sent me to come and check on her… As you can see our WASSCE is fast approaching.

Princess dad: That’s true my son. That’s so

kind of your class teacher.

She hasn’t been feeling well since yesterday night she came back from school.

Me: Eeyah! So sorry but can I see her because I have a message for her from our class teacher?

Princess dad:sure you are free to see her…

She is inside her room

*** he pointed his finger at the direction to her room ***


To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!