Episode 22

Me: Thank you, sir.

I went straight to the room where Princess dad pointed at. I knocked and she told me to come in. When I came in and she saw me,

she was amazed. I rushed to the bed where she was seated and held her hands and tears rolled from her eyes.

Me: Please baby,am sorry for everything OK?

***tears were still rolling from her eyes *** Baby, please stop shedding tears, it hurts me when I see your tears. Wipe your tears,am here for you. I brought out my handkerchief and wiped her tears and sat beside her on the bed. She laid her head on my chest.

Me: Baby, why are you crying?

Princess: You wouldn’t understand Lanre.

Me: Well… Here is not the right place to discuss this issue. I was just feeling bored and lonely because  of your absence. So I decided to come over to know how you are doing.

Princess: Thank you so much..

Me: Baby, if I can’t do it for you who else will I do it for? Am so sorry for the pain you are going through.

Princess: It is a compulsory act for we girls,

so don’t bother yourself about that…..

Me: Hmmm….. Okay…. So how are you feeling now?

Princess: Feeling ok since you are with me.

Me: (laughing) Am I your medication?

Princess: *** she laughed *** Lanre please I don’t want to laugh this afternoon. So how was school today ?

Me: My dear, school was fine oooo….

Princess: so Lanre what subject were you been taught today?

Me: Forget them jareh… My mind wasn’t in the class because of your absence. My conscience was busy wiping me.

Princess: Your consent! No now. Eeehe

before I forget, how did you manage to come here because my dad is around?

Me: Trust me now,he was the one that showed me the direction to your room.

Princess: You evaded him?

Me: Forget I will explain when you come to school tomorrow. I hope you are coming to school tomorrow?

Princess: Why not, I will come.

Me: I have to be on my way now before your father will suspect us.

*** I planted a kiss on her forehead *** I love you baby.

Princess: I love you too

*** I moved down from the bed and opened the door to go, I looked at her again and she waved at me… I left her room and went to the place I saw her father when I entered the compound, but he wasn’t there anymore.

I hurriedly moved out of the compound so that her father will not know the time i left their compound.

As I was going back to school to attend lesson, my mind wasn’t at rest because  I was thinking that Princess’s father might hide somewhere to eavesdrop our conversation.  When I got to our school gate,

someone tapped me and when I looked back, It was Tuzzie and other four boys.

They were looking at me with so much anger on their faces. I don die today oooo….

*** I was so scared because all the people know Tuzzie as a member of fraternity. Tuzzie stepped forward to me***

Tuzzie: Lanre, you have choosen to be that fly that insist on following a corpse to the grave.

Me: What do you mean?

Tuzzie: You don’t know what I mean?

Me: Yes.. Please I don’t understand you…

Tuzzie: You don’t understand?

Is it only you that haven’t heard that am in love with Princess?

Now it’s either I break one of your legs or

hands so that when Princess sees you,

she won’t want you anymore Or we will have a deal?

Me:***panting *** please what is the deal?

Tuzzie: Ok,it goes like this,,,you know  I  don’t want to break your heart because I know you love her and she loves you too.

Just arrange her for me,let me bleep her just

once and I will go my way.

Me: Please Tuzzie,you know that will be difficult to do. Besides she is still a virgin.

Tuzzie: *** he landed a slap on my face ”gbozaaa!!”.

I staggered and one of them held me so that I will not fall. *** virgin my foot!

Will you or should I do my worst right here and now?

Me: *** tears rolled from my eyes *** please what gain will you derive if you fracture me?

Tuzzie: *** he landed me another slap*****


To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!