Episode 23



I fell on the ground and two of his boys lifted me up and held my two hands.    Tuzzie: If you dear open that your rubbish mouth to ask me that stupid question again, I will not only fracture you but will kill you… Idiot!!! So what do you say ?

Me:*** I was still shedding tears ***

Tuzzie: You are not even a half man, look at yourself, I only dashed you just a slap and you are shedding tears. What if I stab you nko? Rubbish!! Talk before I kill you here now. *** he brought out a well sharpened knife from his school bag *** will you talk now?

Me: Please can you let me think about it and I will give you feedback later?

Tuzzie: I will grant you that but!! After tomorrow,if I don’t hear from you, you will blame yourself. *** he left with his boys. Chai I don enter ram. What will I do?How can I arrange Princess for him?How can I even talk to her about that?And what will be her reaction towards me? No! no! no! I can never do that…..But this guy,  if I don’t do it, he might kill me. Should I stop coming to school till our WASSCE exam will come up? But my parent will suspect me. So many thought were running through my mind. After soliloquising for a while ,I decided to ignore our lesson and go home because I was so weak and angry.

When I got home, I saw only my mum and I greeted her, she responded and noticed that I was not happy.

Mum: What is the problem?

Me: Problem? There is no problem mum.

Mum: Your lips said no but your face has said it all. So tell me,why are you not happy and why did you come back early today?

Me: Only science students have lesson today, so I decided to come home.

Mum: Only science students! Alright…

*** I went inside my room. After doing some of my evening duties and some cooking,we ate and when I tried to read my books as usual but I couldn’t do that because thoughts about Tuzzie were just running through my mind. After some minutes, Mrs Sharp sharp called me… She asked about me and other things.  She asked me,why I was absent in the school that day? I told her that I came to school but my parents called me home.


She told me that she wants to see me tomorrow in her house. I told her that I don’t think it will be possible because am not sure if I will come to school. After our discussion, I dropped my phone and tried to concentrate on what I was reading.

In the morning, I prepared for  school and when I got to our schoolgate, I decided to go to Harrison’s house and stayed for a moment.

When I got there, Harrison was in haste to school and I told him that I will stay back. He said ”ok” and gave me his key and left. I read some of my textbooks when I got inside the room. At around 11am that day, Princess entered. It never occurred to me that some boys were following her.

*** When princess entered, I was so surprised because I wasn’t expecting her. She sat beside me and was looking at me ***

Me : Princess, how do you know am here?

Princess: I was waiting for you but I didn’t see you, when I saw Harrison, I asked him about you and he told me that you are here.

Me: You shouldn’t t have come here. Remember that you are not healthy.

Princess: I know w but how can that be possible Lanre? How can I be in the classroom without you beside me?

Me : Ok… Ok… Ok… So how are you today?

Princess: Am fully well now, I can even bet you for a fight and win you *** she gave me a soft punch on my chest, I laughed ***

Me: hmmm….. I see,you are indeed ok…So tell me,what did they teach in school?

Princess: Nothing much, it was only our Mathematics teacher that came with that her annoying topic.

Me: Na waoh!

Princess: But Lanre why are you even here and not in school?

Me: *** see question ooo! Should I tell her the truth or conceal it from her? If I should conceal it from her, it will look so mature that way than to open up to her… *** I just decided to be alone and sort out somethings by myself. You know teachers cannot teach you everything.

Princess: That’s true but we will go back to school now, I think you are ok here today.

Me: I don’t want to go school, I prefer being here atleast I have learn alot here today.

She started instigating me to follow her to school, I  later agreed to follow her to school. I picked some of my text books that I was reading. Immediately we opened the door and came out, we saw two boys at the entrance of the door. I looked at them to knw if I could recognise any of them but I was unable to know who they are. I brought out my hand to have a hand shake with them but they ignored me, I became so much.


To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!