Episode 24

I became so angry.

Me: Who are you guys and what do you want?
*** they ignored my question and they were busy staring at us. I repeated the same question to them and the first guy told me that someone is looking for me. I asked him who the person was and he told me to follow them and confirm by myself. Princess told them that am going nowhere until they tell me who the person is. The second guy rose his hand to slap her and I held his hand and warned him to never try such again. *******

First guy: So you want to fight us?
Me: If it is what you think,then am ready for it..
Second guy: If anything happens then you are to be blamed. No body but yourself.
Me: Am ready. Princess run back to school.
Princess: No Lanre..I can’t leave without you, forget this guys and lets go back to school. They may get you injured. Please leave them and their wahala, lets go.

*** the second guy threw a punch at Princess the second time but I saw the punch on time so I pushed Princess back inside the room and close the door.***

Second guy: hmmm….. I see that you are prepared to fight us.
*** the other guy rushed me and I hijacked him and hit him hard on the ground, the second one hit me with a bucket beside us and it got broken and I started bleeding from my head. Out of anger I rushed him with a stick beside me and hit him on the chest and he groaned and fell down..

Princess started shouted,calling me to open the door but I ignored her. The first guy I hit stoodup with a knife in his hand whereas I don’t even know where he got it from. I was scared a bit. He rushed me and tried to stab me with the knife but I was quick to defend it and got a slight cut on my hand.Princess was busy yelling inside the room for me to open the door.

When I got a slight cut, I ran back and saw a plank, grabbed it, rushed him and hit him so hard that he fell down. I rushed to the door and unlocked it. Princess rushed out and wanted to hold me so I shifted because of the blood that was on my body. I held her hand and took her away immediately out of that compound.

On our way, we met Guzzle and we stood still as we saw company.
Tuzzie: You don dey form Jesus pikin abi?
*** I whispered to Princess”run to school” but Princess insisted that she is not going anywhere,
that if Tuzzie wants to kill me, he should kill us both.
With anger he came closer to me and gave me a dirty slap and I staggered and wanted to fall but Princess held me. Tuzzie yanked Princess and was taking her 5 to an unknown area. I got myself immediately and said to myself “a man has two options in this world, it’s  either he dies or lives.” I will rather die fighting for love than to watch someone take her away from me. It’s either I die or he dies. ”

After saying all this things, I felt like some who has been re-strengthened. I went straight to meet him and rushed him, pushed him and he fell down. I took Princess and ran away, when we got to one area, I was still bleeding.
Princess: Lanre we don’t have to waste time, let look for a clinic so that they can treat this wound.
Me: No problem am ok… You have to go back to school and attend lesson, I will treat myself, I will be fine.
Princess: I know you wouldn’t go for treatment. Please, let go now…

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!