Episode 25

We went to a nearby chemist store and the guy treated me. After the treatment, I had only N200 inside my pocket while the guy charged me N1200 for the treatment. I told the chemist guy that I had only #200, that I will pay him when I come back.
Princess brought out #1000 and handed it to the guy and we left. I thanked her after everything and told her to go but she insisted that she must follow me to my house. I went to my house with her.

When we got to my house in the evening,
only my mum was at home and she was shocked when she saw me. She started asking me what happen to me and I told her that I was attacked by some cult boys and she asked me who am I with.
I told her that she was the one that saved my life. My mum was very happy and thanked her for that. She helped my mum to boil and prepare food for me before she left.

The next day, I couldn’t go to school. In the afternoon, Princess showed up in our house.
Me: Princess why are you stressing yourself to come here?
Princess: Lanre if I don’t do it for you, then who else will I do it for? You are the one that saved my life from that naughty boy called Tuzzie. You got wounded for my sake so why wouldn’t I come often to take care of you. How I even wish,you are living alone, I would have been in your house till you recover.

Me: Thank you for been there for me.
Princess: Lanre stop,we are one,anything that happens to you affects me too….
Me: I love you
Princess: *** she came closer to me and kissed me *** I love you to. Where is mummy?
Me: She has gone to farm with my dad.
Princess: Okay…. *** she opened a black nylon bag that she came with and broughtout some food and gave it to me ***
Me: Thank you so much
Princess: you are welcome.
*** as we were discussing inside my room,
my dad came back and came inside the room I was and saw Princess.
He frowned his face..***I looked at my father’s face and saw his furious expression. Princess greeted him and his response was low. I greeted him and he responded with his normal voice.

My dad: How are you doing?
Me: Daddy am getting better. How was your day?
My dad: Splendid my dear…. Who is this girl? *** he points at Princess ***
Me: Daddy her name is Princess, she was the one that rescued me when those cult boys attacked me…She was the one that took me to a nearby chemist store for treatment and paid for the bill.
My dad: *** he turned to Princess *** my dear,how are you?
Princess: Am fine sir.
My dad: Thank you so much, my dear for saving his life, God will reward you abundantly.
Princess: Amen! thank you sir.
My dad: So my dear,how much did you pay for the treatment?
Princess: Daddy, you don’t have to bother yourself about that…..
My dad: My dear, no now. You know that you are still a student.
Princess: Daddy am not complaining.
My dad: My dear, thank you so much. So where are you from?
Princess: Am from Nsukka.(Nsukka is in Enugu state ) but I reside in oji-river with my parent.
My dad: Okay… So what does your father do for a living?
Princess: He is a civil servant in Delta state so he is not often at home…
My dad: So good. What about your mother?
Princess: She is a petty trader.
My dad: that’s nice. You are highly welcome to our house, feel free to come at anytime and any day, you are now a member of our family..
Princess: Thank you sir.
My dad: You are welcome my daughter.
Eeeeehhhmm……. Olanrewaju*** as he normally calls me *** where is your mother?
Me: She left in the morning and I haven’t seen her since then.
My dad: Okay..

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!