Episode 26

My dad left us alone. We continued with our discussion as I was eating the food she brought for me. After I finished with the food,she took the plate outside and washed it. When she came back,she told me that she wants to take her leave and I thanked her with a kiss and she left. All through the night, I couldn’t sleep because I had no idea of what the next day has in store for me. I knew it’s either I get injured or gets close to dying because of Tuzzie.

The next morning at school, I saw Tuzzie as he came into the school and came to the class. I knew he came to school because of me. When it was closing time, the dismissal bell was jingled and we all gathered at the assembly ground. Tuzzie came to the assembly alongside his gangs and they were all putting on our school uniform. As our principal was addressing us, some policemen came in and excused our principal.

Some minutes later, our principal and the policemen came back and the policemen arrested Tuzzie and his gang. It was later we heard that Tuzzie and his gang went to fight at another school. I looked at Princess when I heard this and we both felt relieved. After our lesson that day, I accompanied Princess to the main road where she borded a bus to her house and I went home.

In the night when I was reading, Mrs Sharp sharp called and I picked up.
Me: Hello ma..
Mrs Sharp sharp: How are you Lanre?
Me: Am fine
Mrs Sharp sharp: What have I done to you that you decided to abandon me?
Me: It’s not like that ma, I have been busy because of our exam that is fast approaching.
Mrs Sharp sharp: You have been busy that you can’t even come to my office.
Me: Please am so sorry about that, please forgive me…
Mrs Sharp sharp: No problem but you have to see me tomorrow in my office,there is an important issue we need to talk about.
Me: Important issue?
Mrs Sharp sharp: Yes, please make sure you come because it’s important.
Me : No problem ma, I will come tomorrow.
*** she aborted the call *** shuu this lady one kill me ooo. What will be the issue that made her not to tell me” I love you ” as she normally say at the end of our discussion on phone?
What she said to me made me lost concentration on what I was studying that night. I tried to force myself to read but all efforts to no avail. So I left my books and slept off. In the morning, when I got to school, I went to her office and it was locked so I returned to my class.
Princess noticed that I was worried and she started asking me what the problem is but I told her that am okay.

After our first and second lesson,someone told me
that Mrs Sharp sharp is calling me…
I left to her office, I came in and sat down and I didn’t even greet her. She looked straight to my eyes and tears rolled down her face.
Me: What is the problem and why are you crying like this now? I haven’t seen you shedding tears before,
Please tell me what the problem is. *** tears was still rolling from her eyes *** have you summoned me to shed tears for me?
If you don’t want to tell me what the problem is,
am going to leave your office and never come back.
How about If someone enters your office and sees you in this mood ?
What will you tell the person? Please I don’t want anybody to suspect us.
*** she didn’t utter any word to me, I moved closer to her and and one of my hands on her back as I was consoling her…***
Mrs Sharp sharp : Have not been okay since last week.
Me: Am so sorry ma… Have you went to hospital???
Mrs Sharp sharp : Yes
Me : Then what’s the result?
Mrs Sharp sharp: Am confused right now…
Me: You don’t have to,tell me what the result is?
Mrs Sharp sharp: Doctor confirmed that am pregnant.
Me:*** I removed my hand from her back and looked into her eyes *** please if it is a joke,
just stop it..

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!