Episode 6.

Mrs: Sharp Sharp: Am listening, Lanre.
Me: l was staring at your beauty. You are beautiful.
Mrs Sharp Sharp: So that why you’ve been looking at me. [I nodded my head up and down] She laughed. You are funny.

I felt relaxed as she laughed. I smiled and continued with what I was doing. A few minutes later, break time was over. I told her break was over and she permitted me to take my leave. I left her office for my class and met Princess with a frowned face. I sat down on my seat.

Me: Princess, what is the problem? Why is your face like this?  she kept quiet {she kept mute}. Talk to me now, what is it?  {she didn’t say anything} I decided to ignore her. Some minutes later, our government teacher Mr Isaac(corp member) entered our class. As he was teaching, he looked at Princess and noticed her mood. After teaching, as he was going out, he called Princess. Princess looked at me and I threw my face aside. She went to him and they both left the class. I felt jealous because I don’t know what could be transpiring between the both of them. Moreover, the way the teacher looked at her during his class was suspicious.  After the school dismissed, out of anger I had to pack some of my textbooks and writing notes and left without telling Princess. On my way home, walking speedily I heard my name so I turn back and saw it was Princess who called. I ignored and increased my pace, She ran to me and held my hand.
Princess: Lanre, why are you angry? *** I didn’t utter any word to her ***. What is it?
Me: Am fine…no problem.
Princess: You don’t seem so. Tell me, is it because of our government tutor? I looked at her. Am sure he is the source of your anger.
Me: {soft voice}Am not angry.
Princess: Then why are you ignoring me?
Me: You ignored me first.
Princess: Me?
Me: {pretending}yes. When I  came back from Mrs Sharp Sharp’s office, you were angry. I tried to know what the problem was but you ignored me. So I had to do the same.
Princess: Are you jealous?
Me: Jealous of what? So you tell me, why were you angry when I  came out of Mrs Sharp Sharp’s office?
Princess: I was jealous.
Me: Jealous? Funny you.
Princess: Yea I mean it. So you tell me too, why were you angry when Corper Isaac called me out?
Me: I was also jealous.
Princess: Lanre,  why do we keep on lying to ourselves?  It’s time we tell ourselves the truth.
Me: What do you mean?
Princess: Lanre, why are you delaying now? Let tell ourselves the truth.
Me: I held her shoulder. I love you princess. I get furious whenever I find other guys talking to you. I tried talking but I was scared of rejection.  I looked at her. Princess, this emotional countenance on you. Hope it’s real?                                                                  Princess: it’s real, Lanre. The thought of seeing you with another girl hurts me. I wish it was easy for me to say it to you too, I would have said it a long time.
Me: Baby, am sorry for the delay before asking you out.
Princess: No problem, sweety.

I hugged her and pecked her. With my arms still wrapped around her back, I saw Corper Isaac coming out of the school premises.

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!