My Life as a Sex Maniac
Episode 14

Bit by bit am starting to bury my relationship with Doyin. Though she’s beautiful, sexy and kinda good on bed. But am getting tired of the relationship. Since I’ve had an encounter with Mrs. Tinuke, I’ve had a different perspective and feeling about sex. Mrs. Tinuke being a married woman made me believe mature women are good on bed than teens.

On a rainy evening, Doyin came to my place after school. I was receiving a call from Mrs. Tinuke who I now refer to as ma’am when I heard a knock on my door.

“Who’s there?” I asked. “It’s me, love. ” as Doyin replied.

I told ma’am am gonna call her as soon as Doyin leaves and I hung up the call.

“Babe, Good evening. ” this I said as I opened the door and she came in.

“Good evening. Please,can you get me your towel. ” she replied shivering. I rushed to the wardrobe and got her a towel as she went to the bathroom and pull off her clothes, spread them in the bathroom and came back with the towel wrapped around her.

Already I’ve been praying for the rain to go down so she can take her leave cause I have a date with Mrs. Tinuke since her husband is not around. She came on bed to meet me as I was relaxing and placed her head on my chest.

We gisted and she came closer to kiss me as I complied. We kissed for sometime as she pulled my zipper. I wanted to resist but I couldn’t and we continued as she pulled down my zipper. She used her tongue to lick me from my hairy chest to my dick. She opened my boxer and brought out my duck. She grabbed my scrotum with her mouth like a baby thirsty for it mother’s breast.

She sucked me slowly after which she increased the pace and I started mourning.

“Suck me harder. ” I said. She removed my cock from her mouth and lubricated it with her spit.

“Your cock is sweet and delicious. “she said.

“Babe, I want more of this. ” I replied.

“Don’t you wanna suck me too? “she asked looking at me with my cock in her hand.

“You mean 69?” I asked. “I would like it.”
And she turned. She placed her cunt in my mouth and my dick she continued sucking. We sucked ourselves till I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I pushed her cunt from my mouth and shouted “It’s coming, babe.” She increased the pace more and more. I grabbed her so tight and she withdrew her mouth as my sperm followed.

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