My Life as a Sex Maniac
Episode 15

“Oh see my face. Your sperm is thick and sticky.” Doyin said as she stood up and went to clean herself up in the bathroom. On her way back, I had to make a fake call just to excuse myself cause it doesn’t seem as if she’s ready to leave as soon as possible and the rain has stopped.
“What happened? You ain’t feeling good. I will be with you in few minutes. “as I cut up the call.

“Who’s that? ” Doyin asked. “It’s Dare. He said he hasn’t been feeling good since he got home and his girlfriend is not around. ” I replied (Dare is my best friend who is aware of my affair with Mrs. Tinuke).
“Don’t you think we go together? ” she asked. “no need. It’s not necessary. Moreover if we go together, you are going to make my movement slower.” I tickled and smiled at her. She agreed and I dressed up.

Immediately I left the house, I called Mrs. Tinuke and we picked a venue. On my way to the venue, I had called Dare to tell him how I discharged myself from Doyin. It 8pm already. I was sitting two tables opposite the entrance of the hotel we chose. I had ordered for a bottle of water.

Few minutes past 8, she came in like a goddess of the river. Her dress which was exactly the size of her body was dazzling like a Christmas tree.
She sighted me and came over to where I was sitting. She sat down and made her order too.

“this is beautiful on you” pointing to her cloth. She smiled. We ate and talked for a while. I checked the time.

“My God. It’s 9:30pm. It’s getting late. ” I exclaimed. “Ehn Ehn. It’s not too late now besides I don’t plan on going home tonight since my husband is not around and my children are in their various boarding schools. ”

“Doyin will be waiting. And I didn’t tell her am not coming home tonight.” She looked at me and mimicked me. You are a guy, you should come up with an excuse now.
I felt reluctant but had no choice. I excused myself for some minutes outside. I took my phone and called Dare to tell him about me not sleeping home tonight. Few minutes after the call, I received a call from Doyin. I picked the call.

“Hey, Dare told me he said you should spend the night with him and that he has sent you to get him drugs. Okay. No problem, take care of yourself. Good night. ” I replied her and cut the call.

Back in the bar with Mrs. Tinuke, we went to the receptionist and booked a room. We went to the room and entered. We pulled off our clothes as I brought a glass of wine and handed it over to her with a smile. I let my eyes play over her curves while she sips, then I kiss her gently, right where her shoulder and neck meet. My hand reaches out to cup her breasts, tweaking her nipple playfully.

I sit on the couch in the room

“Lie down over my lap. ”

She move to obey willingly enough; we’ve played with spanking before and I know her limits – not that I don’t push them now and again. I parted her legs slightly, just enough so that I can slip my fingers inside her when I choose.

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