My Life as a Sex Maniac
Episode 16

I caress her pretty ass gently and her skin tingles, anticipating the slap. Instead, she felt my hand parting her cheeks and she tensed immediately.

“it’s alright,” I murmur softly, “I’m not going to hurt you, ma’am. Relax, ma’am……everything is going to be just fine….”

My voice is soft, warm, almost hypnotic, and she unconsciously relax. I teased her cheeks apart, probing…. She shivered as I ease a finger between them…..then a second.

She felt me spreading the slippery stuff between them, my voice low, reassuring…closer and closer to her tight anal ring. I returned to a bowl I brought in, again and again, my fingers soothing her apprehensions….she melt, and the tip of one finger just touched her anus.

I circled it, pressing in a little, rubbing and teasing…suddenly she realised she’s ready for more, that she want more and she whimper as I press firmly against her asshole. It gives way quite suddenly and the tip of my finger entered her. She tensed – just a second – but while the sensation was unfamiliar, it wasn’t really painful.

She relaxed against me as I work her asshole, loosening her up, bit by bit, more and more lube….filling her sweet tight ass…my finger working it in deep, deeper… She wonder now why she was so afraid of this.

My finger is fully inside her now, rotating, stretching her…. She shivered as she felt me ease my finger out and then a second finger joined the first and she worked her hips, grinding against my fingers, wanting more impatiently.

She realised with a thrill that her pussy was dripping wet, and has been for some time. She pushed back, wanting my fingers deep in her ass, so deep….and then my voice came again.

“I’m going to put this inside you, ma’am. ”

I held a small butt plug where she could see it.

“Just relax….stay relaxed like you are and it won’t hurt. I promise….”

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