My Life as a Sex Maniac

Episode 22

Everyone is exchanging pleasantries and gisting like the normal class routine every morning and the class lousy as usual just as if we all are secondary school students; nothing has changed except me. You wanna know what I mean by ”except me” right?  It was only me that changed because I changed the location of where I do sit before.

My friends were surprised because I’ve never changed my seat right from our first year. They asked why I left for another but I told them I just felt like changing naa ni. Doyin was surprised too but she heard the response I gave my friends so she didn’t bother to question me any further. Other students rushed to their seats because the lecturer had stepped into the class.

It was Mrs Tinuke’s course we had. Immediately she stepped in, she stood at the front of the class facing us but stirring directly at the angle I do seat before. She couldn’t find me there as she kept addressing the class and randomly looked everywhere before she found me.

”Biyi, what was our last topic and kindly summarise what you’ve learnt?”  she pointed at me.

I stood up and answered her questions after which she instructed the class to applaud me. I sat down back but never noticed that Doyin too has been suspicious of the way Mrs Tinuke stirred round the class to look for me and her expression as she told the class to applaud me.

Mrs Tinuke started lecturing us and we kept listening as her eyes and mine kept colliding almost every seconds. Since she started the lecture, I felt relaxed though she was the reason why I changed my seat earlier. Whenever she looks at me, all I do is to smile back at her.

“ Zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” my phone vibrated.

I took my phone and checked it. It was a message from Mrs Tinuke on WhatsApp.

“ you are looking handsome and cute, babe. I can’t just keep my eyes off you”

“you ain’t bad either. I too can’t keep my eyes off my sweet sixteen. She’s just getting beautiful and younger every day.”  I replied.

She then excused herself to send a message to someone– Class, please give me some minutes. I need to send an important message to someone. She picked up her phoned and smiled back. For some minutes she focused on her phone and later dropped it as she resumed lecturing us. My phone vibrated again. I took it and unlocked it.

“Thanks, dear. Meet me at our regular RV point by 4 pm today. I’ve missed you a lot.”

”Okay, ma’am. No problem. I’ve missed you more. Can’t wait. Take care.”


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