• The Girl Next Door
    (Episode 16)

“I’m Emefa, but I prefer you call me Fafa” She answered. Having said that, she left right afterwards. I wondered if I had any bond with ladies by name Emefa. It seemed anything good that comes into my life have something to do with someone called Emefa.

I went back to my cell where I waited for a breakthrough. Mary had gone all the way to look for a lawyer for me yet I didn’t even know her whereabouts. She on the other hand too never bothered to visit me.

I just wanted to see her so I could clear my doubts. I needed to find out how she got hold of Emefa’s diary. Now, I was stuck in a situation where I could hardly do anything. I began to even wonder the whereabout of my daughter.

I still regarded Eugene’s daughter as mine though I knew I was not the biological father. I named her, I watched her grow up and there was nowhere I would leave her in the arms of that witch, Ruth.

I should have told lawyer Emefa to check in on my daughter for me. If anything at all, I knew she wasn’t safe with her mother. It’d been three nights since Lawyer Emefa came to see me. I was beginning to wonder if there was no luck in fighting for me with a case like that.

At that time, though I didn’t have access to a clock, I could tell it was very late. We were about eight in the holding cell and all my cell mates were asleep. I could hardly sleep at all ever since I was arrested.

The cells was no place for me, and if luck, was not on my side, I was going to end up spending my life in Nsawam prisons which might even be worse than what I was going through.

There was total silence except for the annoying noise that was coming from my cell mates as a result of their snoring. I couldn’t sleep at all. Initially, I thought it was going to rain as all of a sudden a cold wind blew across the entire cell. Whiles others were sweating and couldn’t keep up with the heat in the cell, I was so cold.

Was I getting sick or something, I asked myself that question. I was sitting on the bare floor with my shots and just a singlet. That was the only attire we were allowed to wear in the cells.

Then suddenly I felt that there was someone watching me. I couldn’t see anyone but my instincts told me that I was been watched. I began to look around but couldn’t find anyone. This continued for about five minutes until suddenly I began to smell Emefa’s perfume again.

I was now getting used to it, any time I smelled that perfume, something strange was about to happen. Then the wind became chillier, I began to shiver. My whole body, especially my arms were covered in goose pimples.

Then I heard a voice, a very familiar tiny voice, there was no doubt, it was Emefa’s voice. She called my name, and before I knew it, Emefa was seated right beside me on the bare floor as well. I became so scared; I couldn’t even scream or even run away.

It was like; I wanted to do all this at a go but ended up doing none of them. All I did was to shiver. There was no doubt that this was real. I had seen her and she was sitting right beside me in tears. She was wearing the exact same dress I saw her in the last time I set my eyes on her.

“Don’t panic Selorm, I just want to talk to you” She said. I couldn’t talk back, all of a sudden, I was chocked on my own words. Nothing could come out of my mouth. “Selorm, I miss you” She continued. “I’m glad you know the truth now, but I didn’t know it will come to this. But Trust me, everything will be fine” She said.

I was just sitting there rigid, I didn’t want to turn and look at her because I was so afraid. She kept talking. “Emefa will help you out, She is my dad’s company’s lawyer.” She said. “Selorm, I came to say goodbye, the one who did this to me will not be happy.

All I wanted was for you to see who she really was, be safe, I love you” She said. That was the last thing she said, the cold breeze stopped suddenly and I instantly began to feel the heat. She was nowhere to be found now.

This was real and I wasn’t going mad after all. I began to cry, Emefa only told me how she felt only after her death and that hurt me so much. I sat down there awake till the following morning.

I had a second visit; I thought It was the Lawyer Emefa coming to give me an update. I was escorted out to the visitor’s area only to see Ruth and my daughter waiting for me.

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