Heartbroken EPISODE 1


I drummed on Jacob’s door. The sound from his woofer blasted loudly. ‘I doubt if Jake would hear’ I thought. I drummed on it again, this time harder than before.

“Easy” Jake said, as he opened the door. He stared at me. “Why the look?” he asked.

I wasn’t here to tell Jake about Dare and I. “The server is down at my place and I need to Skype.”

“Liar! Sir Williams has a routed network, why are you really here?” he asked, standing in the doorway.

I smirked. “Who’s in there?” I asked, trying to peer underneath his arm.

“No one. I am planning for Dora’s party.” He replied, folding his arms. “Also, I don’t think it’s good for you to have an idea of what I am planning.”

I pushed him out of the way. “This is no wedding.” I strolled into his living room and stared at a familiar face. “Jane?” I asked with a smile.

“Williams!” she said, and rushed to me. We hugged tightly. We hadn’t seen each other in a very long time.

Jake came in brushing his chin “D, you actually hurt my chin.”

“Come off it Jake, you are a baby.” Jane said. “Tell me about Dora, Darlene.” She said, excitedly.

I raised my eyebrow and stared at Jake. “What did this ‘chatter box’ tell you?” I asked.

“Nothing yet.” She said, pushing the telephone away. “This place is a mess; we were calling some event parlours.” She added. Jake didn’t lie about the preparation for Dora’s coming out event.

‘My manners!’

“When did you get back from Pretoria?” I asked.

“This morning.” She replied with a knowing smile.

Jane worked in her father’s companies. She shuttled from all over the shores while her idle twin, Jake partied round the shores. She spent more of her time in South Africa, her boyfriend is South African, at least that’s the last I knew of them.

“When are you going back? I know you will miss being away from Jason.”

She laughed. “Jason got married last week. The dude is actually bisexual. I had to give him up.” She said, fetching her phone. “Here are photos from the wedding.”

“Are you nuts?” I shouted, staring at the phone. “You had the nerve to take pictures with them; you are a wonder, Jane!”

She shrugged. “Jason was bisexual! That’s something I hadn’t seen before, a record! Sleeping with a bisexual!”

“Just shut up Jane, your story is pathetic! You should see the Doctor and then Pastor Ben for cleansing.” Jake said, handing me a can of Fayrouz.

We all laughed.

“I hear Pastor Ben is now heading the church, I miss that man.” Jane said, opening her drink.

Jake stared at me. “What brings you here anyways?” he asked.

“Can’t a girl see her friend anymore?” I asked, sipping the drink. I choked slightly.

He cleared his throat. “Sorry.” He turned down the music player.

“Some sanity at last! We have been spared of M.I!” I said.

Jane nodded in agreement. “I told him to play Adele, but he said she is as pathetic as my relationship with Jason.”

I stared at Jake in disbelief. “You are unfair.”

Jane’s phone rang and she left for her room.

“Thanks Jake.” I said.

He smiled. “What are you thanking me for?”

“Dora’s party. You really are working.” I replied, staring at the list he made. He had already checked seven of the ten on the list.

He winked. “Anything for you.” He replied. “I’ll just get my laptop.” He added, and left for his room.

I touched my lips. It reminded me of the first time Jake had to kill for me. I was so frightened back then in summer camp. I was only fifteen. I was in stables admiring the newly born horses when I heard some noises, I tried to hide from the sound because I couldn’t see who or what was making the noise. I then saw movements on the hay. I screamed.

Jake rushed into the stables when heard me scream. “What is it, Darlene?”

“SSsssnnakke!” I managed to say trembling.

His eyeballs widened and he reached for the door.

“Don’t leave me here.” I begged in tears.

He gestured to a stick at the door and held it firmly. My heart raced quickly as the snake approached me. “I’ll never come for summer camp again if I survive this.” I said to myself.

Jake struck the snake in the head. He held the stick firmly in the snake’s head and I watched in terror, as it wriggled hard for survival. I feared that the snake might turn towards Jake as the snake seemed to be gathering some strength.

“Run out of here now!” Jake ordered.

I ran towards the door, but I couldn’t leave Jake alone. “I am not leaving you here.”

“Get out!” he shouted. By then the noise had attracted some other campers and the horsemen around joined us in the stable. A bullet was enough to sink the snake dead. I rushed to Jake and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you.” I whispered softly. Our heads were locked and we came close to an unexpected kiss, I couldn’t remember who initiated it, but all I could remember is that Jake’s girlfriend came in.

“My hero!” she said, as she hugged him.

‘My hero?’ I thought. I should have been the one saying that. I snapped out of my thoughts, maybe Jake truly owned my first kiss, if I was to give it, but now Dare got it.

“Here you go.” He said, handing me his laptop.

I left for the kitchen with the laptop. I wanted privacy with Sameer. Sameer and I spoke for about two hours before I decided to retire home.

“Let me drop you off.” Jake offered, wearing a shirt.

I smiled. “Never mind, I’ll be fine. The day is still young.” I replied, checking my watch.

“Ya…right! This is 8pm. I will be fine when I know you are home.” He said, leading me to his car.

I nodded. “Thanks. Is Jane returning to Pretoria anytime soon? I’d like to invite her for Dora’s coming-out.” I said, drawing the seat belt across my chest.

“I don’t think she’ll be returning to Pretoria. She’s devastated from her break up with Jason; she has just been putting up a façade since she returned.”

I sighed. “It’s pretty disgusting to have a bisexual as a boyfriend.” I said.

Jake laughed. “What do you know? You don’t even have a boyfriend.”

“I used to have.” I replied, rolling my eyes.

He nodded. “But not anymore, anyways, I think Jane will be joining my parents in Canada next month.”

“Is she running away?”

He smiled. “Not really, but she wants to take a break from work before she resumes to the new company at Dubai.”

“JAKE!!!” I screamed.

He swerved off the road and screeched the

tyres so hard. “What!” he asked frightened.

I managed a soft chuckle. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but I am surprised that your sister is the one doing all the family’s job, while you are so idle.”

“I hate work. I don’t like someone yelling at me in the office like Dare does to you.”

I wore a frown. “Okay, I know he has changed, but he really used to frustrate you then and I don’t want anyone doing that, and if you work with my Dad for a while, you’ll understand how annoying he can be on the job.”

“Jake, soon you’ll be a family man, and you will need to provide for your household, how will you do that? I want you to know that soon your dad will be tired of giving you money and then with the recent happenings in the stock market, you will be broke. Who are you gonna run to when that happens? Jane?”

He laughed. “You!”

I sighed. “Does everything have to be a joke with you?”

He nodded and stuck his tongue out as he drove on.

“Thanks for the ride, Jacob.” I said, as he pulled up.

He cleared his throat. “D…erm, good night.”

“What is it Jake?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Nothing, do you have anything to tell me?” he asked.

“Of course not.” I replied and stepped out of the car. “Thanks Jake.”

He nodded and started his car.

“Good evening Dad.” I said, as I climbed the stairs.

He sipped his drink soberly and didn’t reply. James Blunt’s ‘Cry’ pulsed slowly from his CD player. “Don’t take on Subomi.” He said quietly, and wiped a tear from his face.

“I’ll beat him Dad.” I replied softly and left.

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