Keeping up with my addiction episode 36

Kelvin explains things from his own point of view about what exactly happened when blessing showed up at his door. His battle to forget her and move on.

She looked so fucking gorgeous, I couldn’t believe it was her, right there in the flesh. I had to force myself to keep calm, if she only knew how much I had wanted her and craved her touched this whole time.

Yes, I did but I still fucking hated her because this is not who I am, she had me questioning myself, my brother questioning my loyalty, my sister disappointed and my mum affirming her undying love to my brother with every breath she took.

That I was used to but what I wasn’t used to was how much I missed her, how much I had missed talking to her, how much I missed seeing that smile, how much I had missed watching football with her because Charles was not a football fan and she was, how much I missed yabbing our coworkers with her, how much I fucking missed her cooking.

In many ways, she was perfect for me but she was never mine, she had no right to have expected more from me, more than I was ever willing to give.

My dick hardened the minute I turned and saw that she had taken her dress off, she had no underwear on, a daring I wasn’t used to from her, her toned body had filled out in the right places. Possibly as a result of continuous sex with that ancient husband of hers, yes! I am bitter, I have just realized.

She shouldn’t have fucking ran away like that and she shouldn’t have fucking got married like she didn’t care about Charles, about ME!!

Her naked body came into my head again, her round, full breasts were full and her nipples were hard when, her neatly shaven pussy was calling to me, I could hear it but I was too blinded by rage. I stroked my dick, I had been angry by my boss’s wife’s whoring and Blessing just made it fucking worse and I had to release my anger, I had to fucking let it go. I wondered whether Charles would let me borrow Adenike, she seemed to be amazing in bed if what my brother said was true I thought as I lovingly stroked faster.

I chuckled at the fact that I had an insane need to just completely severe my relationship with my baby brother. I didn’t want to fuck any of the usual pussies that were readily available to me, I wanted someone who didn’t know me and who wouldn’t want any frigging commitment and who I wouldn’t care whether she fucked the entire fucking world as long as she wanted me for the moment. In truth I wanted Blessing, I needed Blessing I said out loud as I came into the toilet.

As I washed my face, I contemplated going back to my boss’s house and fucking that pregnant whore’s brains out, but then she might just give me herpes or something. No way that security guard is clean! What was Blessing’s plan? Get me fucked up again? I realized too late that she had in fact broken me when she ignored me and then up and left and proceeded to punish me months even after she was gone, I didn’t care that I revealed that to her, I wanted her to know and if she cared at all, I wanted her to suffer.

Charles happiness just disgusted me, it wasn’t like this when he was with his exes. I could see that he had actually fallen in love with Nike and soon he planned to propose to her. I didn’t see the need for marriage at all, they were fine just fucking and being together, though I liked Nike, she was pure, she was decent and she was good for Charles, she checked him and called him on his bullshit of which he had very little of.

She refused to move in with him like many other girls her age would have readily done and instead made him come to her house to visit with her family. That I would have clearly put my foot down against but my boy was clearly smitten.

“Kelvin, are you even listening to me?” Charles said, snapping me out of my private thoughts.

“Guy, sorry oo, what’s up?” I responded half heartedly

“Wetin you mean what’s up?” Dayo my friend and colleague said

“All the girls here don dey check you out since we enter. E be like say we nor even dey here” he added laughing but I could hear the slight irritation. I looked around and sure enough, there were women everywhere giving me the side eye.

“Omo, I don’t even want them to notice me. I am taken” Charles chipped in

“Shut up” I growled irritably, Dayo eyed Charles

“Ehn, oya commot na, make we wey no get woman prosper” Dayo said shoving Charles playfully. I looked up to see Charles watching me intently.

“What?” I said

“She came to see you, didn’t she?” he said, that guy knew everything!

“Who?” Dayo said leaning in, I didn’t respond and Charles frowned a little.

“Blessing” he responded for me, Dayo’s eyes widened

“Talk true?!” he said looking at me for confirmation, I nodded and he sat back in his chair shaking her head.

“She really has some nerve” I looked up at him, in the four years I’ve known him, Dayo has never spoken proper English in one sentence. I was worried he didn’t even know how. Blessing would bring that side of you that no one has ever seen out. my frown deepened.

“So? What happened? Did you guys fuck?” Dayo said

“Seriously Dayo” Charles said

“Wetin dey worry you?” I said wanting to hit him in the head for asking me what I had really really wanted to do and what had been on my mind the last couple of days. Part of me said it was because if I had touched her I might have hit her, that alone was a perfect reason.

My dick hadn’t stayed down in days and it was becoming embarrassing and maybe that’s why these women stare.

“Ahn, what is wrong with the question I asked? That woman is wicked but omo she still dey hot as fuck!” Dayo said chuckling wistfully. “I see am for t.v yesterday on the arm of that her husband, she don over fine oo” he added. I did not need to hear that last part. If anyone knew how beautiful she had gotten it was me but I had a hard time forgiving her and forgiving myself for wanting her so badly.

“She’s married, we talked and that was it” I said gruffly.

“Not the first time, you fucked a married woman, just saying” Dayo said his hands up in defense because I was about to punch him and he knew.

“And that one is over and done with, abi Kelvin?” Charles asked giving me a pointed look, I looked away from his scrutiny and bit my lip, yeah yeah I don’t think I would ever touch my boss’s wife ever again. I wasn’t sure I wanted to touch any woman right now.

All they were bringing me were problems, I looked down at my beeping phone and saw my mother’s number. I handed it over to my brother

“Here, she’s probably looking for you” I said sliding the phone to Charles, he picked up and smiled making me roll my eyes.

“She wants you D” he said still smiling and handing the phone back to me

“Tell her I am not here” I grunted, I was not even in the mood for my mother. Charles sighed and relayed my message, I heard the disapproval from where I sat but couldn’t be bothered, my heart ached and for the first time in my life I knew what it felt like to be in love.

To be continued watch out for episode 37