My Life as a Sex Maniac
Episode 11

After knowing about Mrs. Tinuke’s affair with my friend, I concluded that she would be a sex addict. Though she’s a woman who attracts attention whenever she passes by. She’s not just a beautiful woman, she’s a woman whose body assets will make you wish she’s yours. Whenever she smiles, her teeth glitter like a dazzling gold. She has a set of teeth that is purely whitish in colour. She’s a woman with a sexy figure eight posture, her hips ain’t too small to carry her butts and her boobs ain’t too heavy for her chest to carry.

Mrs. Tinuke lectured us for two hours. I never wished the lecture was over cause I kept enjoying the way she speaks and I enjoyed the way she walked round the class when she was lecturing us. When she was lecturing she sighted I was lost in stirring at her and she asked a question and told Doyin to tap me so I could give an answer to the question.

I consciously stood up and said I had no idea and since then she would look at me at least ten minutes intervals during the lecture. This was what happened till the lecture was over. Before she left our class,she told the class governor to relay a message that the governor should bring me over to her office.

I was happy that Doyin didn’t notice everything that happened during the lecture. The class governor relayed the message and I obliged and went to her office with the governor. After entering into her office and exchanging pleasantries, she told the governor to excuse us. When the governor left, she offered me a seat on the sofa in her office and I sat at the edge of the sofa. She too left her office chair and came over to the sofa and sat at the other edge of the sofa.

She started with how well I understood the course she taught us and I told her I didn’t really understand the course . And she smiled with her set of teeth wide open which made me smile too. She came closer to me and asked; how do you think you’re gonna pass my course without understanding what the course entails?. I couldn’t give an answer. She came closer to me again and told me there is only one way to pass the course and I asked how?

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