My Life As a Sex Maniac
My Life as a sex maniac

My Life as a Sex Maniac
Episode 4

After gotten Kate’s contact, I called her to take her out on a date and she agreed. She came to the eatery we chose and on seeing her from outside the eatery wearing a T-shirt, with her well packed boobs and her short dark hair, I was filled with enthusiasm.

I came in and we exchanged pleasantries and we made orders. I was trying to impress her, and wondering how I was doing. I offered her a spoon of my food ,which she took. All I really wanted was to get her into bed with me.

We finished eating and I made the payment though she offered to do it but I refused. After some minutes ,I asked if we should go to our house and she agreed.

We took a cab and dropped at my house. We came into the house and took her around our compound. We went back inside and took her to my bedroom. We came into my room and she looked around commenting “this is a nice room with beautiful collection of wallpapers” and I replied her with a smile.

As I rubbed my palm around her back, she said wait I have to tell you something and I asked what?And she said “I have the body of a woman, which I am, but I’ve got the hormones of a man. I’ve got too much testosterone. Which means I have big tits , a big clits and I could probably beat you in arm wrestling.

“Damn! I should have guessed! I’ve always been attracted to tomboys! ” she chuckled and gave my balls a painful squeeze through my underpants cause we were already half naked.
The bed is too soft and makes too much noise. The floor is a lot better . She threw two pillows on the carpet.

We stripped naked and laid down next to each other on the floor. We looked deep into each other’s eyes. I got dizzy. I felt myself falling into her beautiful dark eyes. Could it be love? She kissed me, and our tongues found each other in play. Her hand was on my cock and gently stroked my erection.

When I wanted to change the game, I rolled her over on her back and got on top her.
-Oh there are plenty of options, but if you want penetration, it’s going to be either in my mouth or up my ass. She laughed.

She pushed me off her,onto my back, scooted down and went down on me, taking my cock deep and long in her mouth. When she came back up, she laid an ear and a cheek on my tummy, with the head of my dick at her lips and she played with it: she kissed it, licked it, sucked it.

I loved the feel of her tongue going around and around my head. Then she lifted her head up and slowly started going up and down on me. Her warm, wet mouth felt wonderful. Then she stopped, and held my dick tight. You know the film G. I Jane where Demi Moore says suck my dick?, she asked.

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