I remember using a body cream years back that I didn’t know that it has skin bleaching compositions, before one could pronounce ni-GE-ria, I had almost become ‘as white as snow’, just in a matter of weeks.

Even though it wasn’t a planned attempt, somehow in the initial stage, I was enjoying the whole neck turning effect my new skin colour was generating. All those while I’ve been as dark as the night, no one ever noticed I exist, I therefore pass by and yet it seemed a shadow just breezed past.

Who ever fail to notice a fair person/lady?

Being fair has a way of making you more noticeable and catchy to the eyes; one reason ‘many’ dark people don’t want to be left out, they therefore look for a way to make themselves more noticeable.

Back to my story, I never knew how fair I had become; not until people started referring to me as ‘nwanyi ocha’ – fair woman; me? fair? so I’m now fair to that extent?

Glad I quickly rushed back to a suitable cream for my skin, before the scaling and degenerating effects the bleach cream brought to my skin had gone beyond harmful.

The reason why people, especially ladies bleach their skin is quite understandable; who doesn’t want to be a more attractive version of themselves?

But, come to think of it, you can still be a better version of yourself without destroying your original God-given skin colour. You can still look ravishing under your own skin!

Black is beautiful! Be proud of your skin colour. Black is not a stain which you need to use a bleach to rinse off; just like you do your white dress that has stain on it.

These days, skin bleaching has been remodernized into terms that makes it sound less harmful; like lightening, toning etc, but one thing that stands for sure is that, despite the changed tags, the makers of the bleach and the buyers as well, know it is a bleach.

Here are some ways in which skin bleaching damages your skin;

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  • Burning and Redness: Some of the compositions used in making bleaching cream, like the hydroquinone for instance, is a highly corroding substance that has the side effects of skin redness, peeling, rashes, dryness and burning.
  • Skin Disease: Bleaching can bring about skin infection; like acne, dermatitis and eczema.
  • Weakened Healing: As a result of bleaching your skin, you could be impairing your skin’s ability to heal fast when suffering from an injury, and it might lead to a more than required infected wound which will take almost a lifetime to heal.

Here are some natural ways you can bring out the inner/hidden glow of your skin

  • Milk: Apply the milk unto the part of the body which you desire to have a regenerating glow, wash off with warm water after some minutes.
  • Oatmeal and tomato juice: Mix the both equally, then apply unto the skin, leave it for some minute then wash it off.
  • Lemon: Cut the lemon and apply them unto the skin and leave for some minutes, after which you wash off; do this everyday and your skin will be naturally lightened and radiant.
  • Lemon juice and yogurt: This an extra step above the prior mentioned to bring out the inner glow of your skin.
  • Ensure the soap and cream you use is made with natural products like fruits, honey, milk and the likes.

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