Your productivity is directly linked to your revenue and profits. How many times have you heard, “Have a good week!” Well, Monday is here again; while this of course means the weekend is over, it also means a new week of unlimited potential lies ahead. Time management and goal setting are tough for most or us, mainly because it takes discipline, accountability, and it’s not fun.

However, to have a Great week, some vital steps are essential

Start The Week Before

Don’t wait till Monday morning before you realize you have a new week ahead of you. Round up your week’s activities on Thursday/Friday and plan for your next week before you go on to enjoy your weekend. This will help you to concentrate on any tasks that have come up unexpectedly, allowing you to finish the week strong.

Use Time Wisely:

Start early. The sooner you get started, the more you can get done. Learn to be an early riser and take care of personal issues and breakfast before you begin. Fewer distractions coupled with more time during the day equals more completed tasks.
Schedule down time. Be fully engaged wherever you are. When you’re working, go all out, then schedule some time each day and on the weekends to stay far, far away from work. You deserve a break and your brain does too. Possibly, employ a “Do Not Disturb” time. 90% of things can wait until you’re done with your focused work.

Have A Weekly Goal

Possibly make a list of the things you’ll like to actualize for the week, it makes you organized and helps get things done. Consider and prioritize the activities that’ll make your week productive.
While making the list, pick and choose elements to compose your week, keeping an eye on the reality of your week, your goals, and priorities, and remaining true to your intention. Anything you don’t get done at the end of the week, add to your list the next week.

Strive To Complete Than To Perfect:

Striving for excellence is a noble goal, but obsessive perfectionism is the ultimate enemy of productivity (second only to laziness). Wouldn’t you rather accomplish 100 things this week, all done well, than none that is perfect?

Automate Your Repetitive Tasks:

Organize your repetitive tasks and set a time to always get it done. Also, create a list of “Once in A While To Do list.”
Many things only need to be done once per day, twice at most. Doing them countlessly has a way of cutting down your time. Checking voicemail and Facebook are some examples. Create a list of your personal “once a days” and make sure these tasks aren’t creeping into your workload unnecessarily.

It takes time and practice to master anything, and productivity is no different. Constant improvement is the realistic goal. Determine to always make your week a productive one and you’ll be sure you DID.