The business and investment world is one entity with it’s atmosphere saturated with uncertainties. The uncertainty rests basically on the fact that almost all of the activities is futuristic in nature. For example, when a businessman purchases goods, he does so with the hope that customers will turn up and he’ll thereby sale and make profit but when the contrary is the case and customers don’t turn up as expected, there is the tendency that such a business man gets worried and faces TOUGH business situations.

When tough people meet a tough situation, they hold their head up high and scale through. They maintain the right business attitude which will in turn aid them to go through the tough times.

Are you an investor or business man, trying to keep your head above the waters of the tough times? Our smart tips are designed to help you make sound investment decisions in the tough times of your business.


Tip 1: Borrow less
Think twice about taking on more debt, focus on business opportunities that do not require more capital than you can afford. Do not keep borrowing in an effort to rob Peter to pay Paul in order to solve your needs, this brings about financial complications at the long run.

Tip 2: Learn Something New
There just might be a more rewarding way to go about your business. Make it a goal to learn something. Learn new ways of attracting customers, DO NOT continue on same method you have been applying since time immemorial on this present age. For instance, you might want to look up the different ways of satisfying customers.

Tip 3: Master your emotions
Don’t make your most important decisions under pressure. Think about it again and again, be sure it is the wise financial move to make. Don’t jump at every offer placed across your view.

Tip 4: Diversify your investments
Spread your risk by investing in different opportunities. DO NOT put all your life savings into one investment, this is not a way of saying scatter your attention in an attempt to diversify your investment. Rather, I mean you should put in your money into other ventures especially as you make profit from your ongoing venture.


Tip 5: Reduce Operational Costs
Reduce your overhead as much as possible. A good way to do this is to cut down on unnecessary expenses that pile as overhead at the end of the day.

Tip 6: Get quality Financial advice
Be careful who you are listening to and from whom you are getting investment advice. DO NOT take in every financial advice without verifying and test running it. As much as you need the guidance, at the end of the day, you remain the master of your business and knows what suits it most.

Tip 7: Create Multiple Streams of Income
Tough times, Scarcity and inflation are opportunities in disguise, find that thing you can exchange for value or engage in a passive investment. Passive income boosts your financial stream!

Tip 8: Build Strong Relationships
Build relationships that ensure you are in a network of people who challenge your thinking and provide a well of valuable information from which you can tap.

Tip 9: Have an Emergency Fund
It is important to stay liquid at a time like this. Do not spend all your money, leave something to fall back on. Living without any spare cash at hand makes you vulnerable to unpleasant situations.

Tip 10: Creatively Solve Problems
Not all business challenges require money to solve. Look within before you look without, there may be efficient ways that do not have financial costs attached to solve that problem.

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